HYFR - Drake ft Lil Wayne With Lyrics

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  1. Oh Yeah Hackney F*cking hell yeah.
  2. FISHYOLO - Fuck it shit happens you only live once!
  3. dats my shit
  4. u are
  5. is it exes or ex's .? -__-
  6. this song sucks
  7. well u shouldnt be ruining the fucking music that we like talking about fucking tupac go listen to him u fuckn hater
  8. Rapping is not something im good at. So of course a real rapper is better then me. But he still sucks.
  9. IM ON THE PURSUIT HAPPINESS oh wrong song.....
  10. Fuck H.Y.F.R and Y.O.L.O. Its all about Fish,Fuck it, shit happens. :p
  11. drake singing the chorus>lil wayne singing the chorus
  12. this song is great
  13. Chris this your favorite song. I love you and hope we can talk, until then I will rape the replay button.<3
  14. we eat each other at the dinner table?
  15. HYFR:Hey You Fucked Rihanna?
  16. I actually do it
  17. Awesome rebuttal.
  18. this my jam
  19. yea right but before the video I thought he said"ass" but that's not matter
  20. A song you just nod your head to.
  21. Hey guys thanks for the 1,000 likes!!
  22. we eat each other whenever we at the dinner table?? WAT THE HELL THT MEAN
  23. you suck = YOU SUCK!! ^^
  25. Lil Wayne: I heard you fucked your girl is it true? Me: Hell yeah fucking right