Ice Cream - [Walk off the Earth]

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"Ice Cream" Mp3 available here: Download our exclusive iTunes session here: Download our album R.E.V.O. here: WOTE merch available here: Gianni and Marshall rip out a quick acoustic cover of Sarah McLachlan's "Ice Cream" which Gianni likes to call "Morphine"! WOTE TOUR DATES:

  1. Marshall looks like the guy from Psych
  2.'s is sexy! :) 
  3. Amazing,Love your sound!
  4. Beeerp
  5. Marshall's voice is as sexy as he looks.
  6. i wish this was longer
  7. u guys are soooooooo high!!!
  8. Your covers are amazing. Do you write your own songs at all? 
  9. exellent take on Sarah Mclachlan
  10. I agree with the Bohemian Rhapsody suggestion. Please consider. :) 
  11. what is Marshall wearing? is that a soccer team or sth else?
  12. give me the tabs ! (:
  13. not sure if you smoked something or you're just acting so ...
  14. those eargasmic voices. what inhumanly perfect specimen.
  15. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.........!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. is there an instrument that Gianni doesnt know how to play?! ;)
  17. Thumbs up if you are replying the first 10 seconds
  18. Well, now - since Easter last year and that goddam Psy-Trance chick.. You guys have been really cool. Very musically talented each and everyone, and that's goddamn great in this here country of ours (Wales). My comment doubles up as a question also - is that a Canadian Soccer jersey you are wearing Mr Chisel jawed good looking? I could google it, but thought I'd ask you instead. It could be Ice Hockey I imagine. Yes. Probably Hockey. OK, carry on
  19. You guys should have put (Sarah Mclachlan Cover) in the title. I'm not trying to be an asshole here, but credit needs to be given to who the song is originally by.
  20. leo messi
  21. Looking forward to hearing you guys in Glasgow next year :-)
  22. smooth "long way down" love it when singers approach a song with gentle apprehension instead of a sledgehammer... I mean there is a time and a place for both strong voice and soft whispers, but I like the way this one nibbles gently at the ears like the soft lap of waves on the edge of a calm lake instead of a raging sea. 
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