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  1. wtf happened?
  2. Hum Un Ke Songs Sing Kar Ke Hit Hote Hai.He Accept That Pakistani Are Better.
  3. seee live tv entertainment show and the hate ?? thats why we wanted our own country bcz we cant live with those haters.
  4. Endians har waqt Pakistan mae tange arate hein. Slumdog Endia should fix the serious social problems it has - they can start with the rape crisis in Endia and then fix Endians shitting on the streets - no wonder Endia stinks!
  5. look at that fuckers face...shit..jealousy bitch
  6. UK gives £600 million pounds a year to INDIA every year and then they talk so Cheap about other countries like that How Cheap are you look at your self Indians look at your self before you talk,!!!! They are like Prostitute selling there self.
  7. One muslim is jealous of another muslim why ? Raja Hasan saab. As a Indian I am ashamed of you. Just sing and get the hell out of the stage. Who cares where a singer is from ? You have been hanging around with that other angry man Abhijeet. No wonder both of you are no where to be seen in the music scene. India appreciates talent and has given you the punishment you deserve. To see a artist foaming with envy and not talent is a despicable site and noone will want such an artist. Good bye!
  8. Bhikaari Slumdog Endians stop begging the UK for Aid
  9. pakistan jese talent paida karo bastered indians
  10. What i dont get is the fact that people (Many Indian singers) get jealous on Pakis in Bollywood? How many are there, like 5? And still they are the top of India.. Pity...
  11. these are trivial stuff. We Pakistanis are on eternal inferiority complex over India after repeated defeats in war several decades ago..India has become a super power economically and while we are caught up with these terror camps and comparisons! We should shed these and move on. Our country is going into the gutter! we need to lift ourselves out of that first -rather than wasting time comparing us to Indians. 
  12. Ha tum log better hi ho hum se...bomb aur goliya banane me...logo ko marne me...singer ko to india hi aana padega..waha pe to unko sirf goliya bomb ya bandooke bana ne ka kam mil sakta hai...aao bhai sab log aao india mei...bas bomb le ke mat aana...
  13. India voted the 2nd most racist nation in the world in 2013. Will India come first in the most racist nation in 2014? looking at the posts here most definitely!
  14. +stundown I don't give a fuck about who you're talking about but when you say something about Muslims I will mess with you don't say shit about Muslims you don't know and if other Muslims are bothering you don't blame the whole community
  15. wow, its 2014- but people still live in their india vs pakistan narrow minded world. Open your mind and your hearts- theres so much good in the world- including your own countries. You guys using the internet are of this generation, why are u propagating hatred that your fore families have pursued- is that the kind of world you want to raise your children in ? What example are we setting for our kids? 
  16. jealousy indians
  17. 4 words: GROW.THE.FUCK.UP
  19. What i dont understand is Why india and pakistan fight so much. NO need for any envy. Talent is talent regardless of the person's orgin
  20. what an asshole.
  21. Raja you are telling Blunder.. None of those are sitting in front of you became 'who they are now' because of others gave them chances... No.. but when they proved themselves... opportunities went behind them.. They are praising you not because your talents are better than others but to encourage you to reach some where. You thought it is because you are greater than all of them... Singing some existing songs with adding some things or plans in them is not the unique talent. I think you misunderstood the term talent and genuineness at least in the field of singing. 
  22. sahi baat kahi isne ..baki jo bol rah hai wo really fuddu hai..are mazhab chuno..but aap log kattar ho kattar rahoge..raja hasan jaise bande hi chahiye duniya ko..jis desh me jeete hai..jaha ka khaate hai wahi ka hote hai ..ched nahi karte thali me ..raja you are great ...
  23. right that he has the right over.
  24. chance usko milta hai jo desreving hota hai as a Indian i can say that we are not like that kuch logo ki wajah say sabko badnamm mat karo n these reality shows lack in reality
  25. hhahahha. everyone jealous from pakistani