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  1. Hum Un Ke Songs Sing Kar Ke Hit Hote Hai.He Accept That Pakistani Are Better.
  2. India where 70% of the population shits on the streets dare to insult others! India is now the rape capital of the world! Well done India for coming first in something! Hahaha
  3. One muslim is jealous of another muslim why ? Raja Hasan saab. As a Indian I am ashamed of you. Just sing and get the hell out of the stage. Who cares where a singer is from ? You have been hanging around with that other angry man Abhijeet. No wonder both of you are no where to be seen in the music scene. India appreciates talent and has given you the punishment you deserve. To see a artist foaming with envy and not talent is a despicable site and noone will want such an artist. Good bye!
  4. seee live tv entertainment show and the hate ?? thats why we wanted our own country bcz we cant live with those haters.
  5. UK gives £600 million pounds a year to INDIA every year and then they talk so Cheap about other countries like that How Cheap are you look at your self Indians look at your self before you talk,!!!! They are like Prostitute selling there self.
  6. Coward Indian Army this is how they fight by making fake accounts on youtube and posting anti-Pakistan propaganda! Yes really really brave Indians lol!
  7. For all you Indian trolls posting here please watch video's about the real India and the problems it has: Rape crisis, sanitation crisis, Apartheid system (caste system), bride burning, Devdasi female temple prostitution, aborting female foetes's, only 70% of Indians have toilets so they have to shit on streets!
  8. look at that fuckers face...shit..jealousy bitch
  9. INDIA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. wtf happened?
  11. Bhikaari Indians beg the UK for Aid every year
  12. Bhikaari Slumdog Endians stop begging the UK for Aid
  13. India voted the 2nd most racist nation in the world in 2013. Will India come first in the most racist nation in 2014? looking at the posts here most definitely!
  14. Majid Khan :- whats te British aid to do with this ?Secondly britain gives aid to to charities inIndia and NOT the indian government... 2 very different things... and third the individual isaskingforarightin his own country...rightt
  15. sahi baat kahi isne ..baki jo bol rah hai wo really fuddu hai..are mazhab chuno..but aap log kattar ho kattar rahoge..raja hasan jaise bande hi chahiye duniya ko..jis desh me jeete hai..jaha ka khaate hai wahi ka hote hai ..ched nahi karte thali me ..raja you are great ...
  16. This dude is right... Why have pakis come to india to sing in bollywood??? Go create your own industry stop coming to India.. India has 1.2 billion people we need to employ indians not pakis...
  18. pakistan jese talent paida karo bastered indians
  19. SHIT......what about Manisha Koirala, she is not Indian but India accept her. Then why this type of thoughts against pak singers. All of the pak film industry is captured & make earnings by bollywood then they should have some rights at least sing. Music is a gift of god , don't bring nationality in this. This man is jealous person. If he has the ability more than him, then there is high opportunity in India with a different languages
  20. Yr ese logo ne india ka naam badnam kia hai
  21. fuck pakistani singer !!! niklo bharat se pakistan me bhikari or india me aake rob jamate
  22. raja tera jawab nahi....tu hai he kabile tarif... bhik to wo mangte hai..genhe aapne mulk may bhik bhi nahi milte...vo log to india may tatti chatne to aate hai...vo kamine pachaas saal se hum sab kay tatti par to je rahe hai...
  23. plese seee these video
  24. I am a pakistani, N I agree with him, n people who do no agree dont use abusive words, our religion doesnt not teach this :(
  25. I dont know what have happened to Pakistani peoples?? They know where they stand, everyone knows, even we also know where we all stands, but why they fucking compare each others. Instead of improving themselves they do comparisons I dont think every pakis people have this mentality but coz of some moron like FEROZA552 every Indian think the same as like this dumbass. they really dont act as a neighbors.