Interview: A Day To Remember

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Shop A Day To Remember: A Day To Remember's Jeremy McKinnon and Kevin Skaff talk about the things that will always be a part of ADTR.

  1. @deathkiller529 it came out last November 2011..this interview is from October haha
  2. ADTR is sush a greta band. I think they`ll become the Blink182 of the passing generation.
  3. I love his laugh at the end
  4. i met them on friday ! they are the most sweetest guys ever ! i just wish i could have gotten the words out to tell them how much they mean to me theyre the reason im alive but holding back tears was alot harder than i expected
  5. Well said Jeremy. The only thing about you guys that has changed since the first time you guys came out to LI to play in that tiny shitty venue with the owner who wanted to shut it down, is how huge and far you guys have come. You guys never cease to amaze me. Each album gives you a better name and another handful of songs for me to be hooked on. A bad ADTR song does not exist. Keep it up and keep laughing at the little kids that are talking shit. Psyched for the next album.
  6. love this band, but the complaint isn't that ADTR sold out, they just their heavy sound they had from the old records, 1958? Bring that sound back! its great their big now, but change the distortion back lol
  7. I love them, I love them all. <3 Thanks for being the musical equivalent of a suicide hotline for me. <3
  8. sunglasses?!
  9. "We've got the name of the record and I'm not telling you" DAMN IT JEREMY!!!!! YOU'RE DRIVING US CRAZY!!!!! Hahaha
  10. What song is this?
  11. omfg new record :D
  12. What type of glasses does Jeremy have?
  13. anyone know the size of ear stretchers Jeremy has?
  14. waiting for the day i finally get to see them.....
  15. they make me feel so much better about this piece of shit high school i have to spend the next 4 years in<3
  16. Saw them live a couple of months ago with Rise Against, BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! :DD I LOVE ADTR!!
  17. 2:13 - I'm so in that fucking situation right now, jeez.
  18. MMMMMMM!!!! i love A Day to Remember <3 please don't ever break up! i would literally be so upset to deal with life. you guys help me coop with life.
  20. HAHAHAA <33
  21. Song at the beginning?
  22. Not to start shit but he's kind of cocky. I like the band but you know
  23. New album. NAOW. You guys get better with every album. You were the best band at Warped Tour. We want a new fucking album.
  24. New record name already? Damn, lets hope early next year : )
  25. @getmoney811 All signs point to lauderdale :)
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