iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S comparison speed camera volume

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Comparing the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s(white)

  1. iphone 4Some
  2. Good Video!!.
  3. i thought u said iphone 4 ass @0:13
  4. ass :D
  5. Oh yes it might be the mic, true. But despite its single speaker, iphone (all of them) have great sound quality (actually probably the best) and I'm using an android phone :D well, fact is a fact, doesn't matter which device u use :)
  6. The iPhone 4s had 4G but not 4G LTE.
  7. like if u have nokia 1100 :P
  8. Good
  9. i going to steal your both iphone.. i know where you live.. gotcha!!
  10. filming an iphone 4 and 4S with an iPad. Apple fan boy much??
  11. i watched this cause im getting my ipod next week and its got he same A5 chip as the iphone4s so im happy with this
  12. i phone 4 s has less battery lol
  13. I have a iPhone 4 that has Siri and runs on T-Mobile 4G LTE. The speed for it is 17-19 ping, and 37-49 MPHs per second.
  14. now i know where you live !! xD
  15. what if i dont have a iphone, can i give you a thumbs down ?
  16. yeah iphone 4 ass
  17. thanks
  18. Ooooh....zing! Crushed by the mental midget LOL
  19. like if you have a flip phone <3 lol
  20. ur voice suxs balls man yuck
  21. c bien bone video
  22. youre right i heared it too
  23. lets all get a 24 month contract for a phone thats a second faster
  24. Umm the iphone 4s had service brah.
  25. ma io nn possiedo nessuno dei 2 hahahahah e nn le avrò