iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S comparison speed camera volume

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Comparing the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s(white)

  1. Could someone buy me an iphone 4s? Plz..i would give them my coc acc(lvl 86 th8 getting to th9) and also my phone (just lenovo a369i)...plez..
  2. iphone 4Some
  3. Good Video!!.
  4. i thought u said iphone 4 ass @0:13
  5. ass :D
  6. Oh yes it might be the mic, true. But despite its single speaker, iphone (all of them) have great sound quality (actually probably the best) and I'm using an android phone :D well, fact is a fact, doesn't matter which device u use :)
  7. The iPhone 4s had 4G but not 4G LTE.
  8. like if u have nokia 1100 :P
  9. Good
  10. i going to steal your both iphone.. i know where you live.. gotcha!!
  11. filming an iphone 4 and 4S with an iPad. Apple fan boy much??
  12. Has this guy ever heard of using folders? Jeezus..what a mess.
  13. i watched this cause im getting my ipod next week and its got he same A5 chip as the iphone4s so im happy with this
  14. i phone 4 s has less battery lol
  15. I have a iPhone 4 that has Siri and runs on T-Mobile 4G LTE. The speed for it is 17-19 ping, and 37-49 MPHs per second.
  16. now i know where you live !! xD
  17. what if i dont have a iphone, can i give you a thumbs down ?
  18. yeah iphone 4 ass
  19. thanks
  20. and they are both jailbroken
  21. Ooooh....zing! Crushed by the mental midget LOL
  22. like if you have a flip phone <3 lol
  23. ur voice suxs balls man yuck
  24. c bien bone video
  25. youre right i heared it too