It Will Rain/Set Fire to the Rain - Sam Tsui

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These are two of my favorite songs right now, from two of my favorite artists - had a little fun making the raindrops, haha - hope you like!

  1. Kinda corny :P
  2. wen he was gonna sing let it burn, i thought he was gonna say let it go ._.
  3. I love this! Especially the raindrops haha
  4. I like your raindrops too...I think I will try this in my daughter's room. We will have fun making them. Great job on these two songs.
  5. Best part: If you walk away, baby I'll set fire, fire, fire to the rain
  6. Another cover of this please but DO NOT mix and overlay the two songs... instead bleand them seemlessly into one another. YOU DO NOT NEED FANCY SPECIAL EFFECTS... JUST SING. YOUR VOICE IS FUCKING AMAZING DUDE. DO IT IN ONE TAKE...!!!!!!!
  7. Crush na talaga kita ♥♥♥
  8. haha "little fun". twas cute ;>
  9. Love this song dude
  10. Seriously though. Sam is SO freaking talented! He has an amazing voice and he's also pretty hot. You can tell he loves what he's doing. I will always support you and your music, Sam!
  11. nice voice.. though the song doesn't suite for me to blend in well.. though the set fire song one of my fave.... good job..
  12. Nice your so amazing 
  13. probably my favorite one. 
  14. Sam you r sooo lucky I want to be you UGH YOU MAKE ME JEALOUS OH AND YOUR AWESOME
  15. I love you <3 
  16. another one that deserves the BA seal of approval :).
  17. So I just watched your recent cover of Happy and realized the string to this same hoodie is gone. RIP jacket. 
  18. What if the raindrops were set to fire? that would've been more fun
  19. I love Adele, but this is just so much better :o
  20. I love these songs!!!!!!!!! you just made it better too with a mashup. the raindrups r awesome!!!!!!!!
  21. Really love this medley and your voice!! The creativity and pitch it took to make this song and your other medleys are truly amazing. That said, one of the best parts of Adele's songs (and I thought this with Frozen too) was that they reach a peak of POWER in voice and emotion, and I feel like that's never... really reached in this song. It's always toned down RIGHT as you're expecting the song to hit that peak.
  22. My favorite mash up :D 
  23. Keep it up with your two-song mashup!
  24. it makes me sleep... wow
  25. Hi there! I love your mash ups! <3 I have an idea deal for a future one? 3 I'm thinking Monster from Imagine Dragons and The Monster from Eminem ft. Rihanna? I think you would make it cool. :3