It Will Rain/Set Fire to the Rain - Sam Tsui

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These are two of my favorite songs right now, from two of my favorite artists - had a little fun making the raindrops, haha - hope you like!

  1. I reeeeeeeaaaaally wanna hear him sing "I won't give up" by Jason Mraz. I think his voice would sound great with it, but you never know until it happens I suppose :3
  2. Best part: If you walk away, baby I'll set fire, fire, fire to the rain
  3. I like your raindrops too...I think I will try this in my daughter's room. We will have fun making them. Great job on these two songs.
  4. This is seriously so amazing..hope to see you live one day!! :D i think i fell in love with u and yr personnalité :3
  5. I like it. It reminds me of my ex girlfriend who accused me of lying about how I loved her. Which I did love her, but soon moved on after the second time we broke up because I knew it wasn't ever going to happen again.
  6. I really want him to sing hold on till may by Pierce The Veil
  7. I got chills at the end! i played it like ten times!! everytime i got goosebumps!
  8. *Cue crying madly at the end* *Sob*
  9. I kinda love the rain so...if it rains everyday I don't mind. I don't know why everyone is so scared of the rIan and hates it... I think I'm the only one that likes it and loves it when it rains. All my friends says I'm crazy... Liking the rain but I like it so what?! Who cares what I like... I like it and that's it
  10. I love it! Two thumbs up! And, I reallu love how you end the song. :D Niceeeee
  11. I love every song you do, my favorite one is safe and sound but your just so amazing
  12. Awesome !! :) You have an incredible beautiful voice! -and You can sing.. so I can hear! Love from Ceci. ☺👏
  13. This song mashup... it's so.. beautiful, :')
  14. very good indeed...
  15. Kinda corny :P
  16. 2:01 is my favorite part :)
  17. if you hold the space bar it sounds funny cx
  18. This is exactly how I feel right now.And this cover is BEAUTIFUL
  19. I love you the best song
  20. i love you!!! also are my two favorite songs
  21. +Lollipoplover;D You dun like McDonald's D: ? ! ? 
  22. Hey, I like your Videos! Great Voice, you can sing everything
  23. Franchement c'est super géniale en plus tu chante trop bien j'suis fan et je clique j'aime 
  24. Addicted to this and the let it go / let her go♥♥ love your music 
  25. Set Fire to The Rain: ADELE
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