It Will Rain/Set Fire to the Rain - Sam Tsui

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These are two of my favorite songs right now, from two of my favorite artists - had a little fun making the raindrops, haha - hope you like!

  1. I like it. It reminds me of my ex girlfriend who accused me of lying about how I loved her. Which I did love her, but soon moved on after the second time we broke up because I knew it wasn't ever going to happen again.
  2. Very noisy to hear...BOOMM BUNGOG..
  3. Crush na talaga kita ♥♥♥
  4. nice ^_^
  5. thats gooooood,perfect!!
  6. Truly perfect!
  7. sam tsui, what is ur age? am 24.. r u engaged? am an eastern Indian beauty.. am ready to b ur better-half, will u marry me? N.B pls no one laughs at my comment ;)
  8. Man great way to sing, I really like your version (in my opinion) it is much better that the original great song !!!!!! I mean it uaooo amazing 
  9. The raindrops are pretty ^^ Abstract art haha I thought it was 3d for a sec!
  10. This faces though =D
  11. Your voice is Like sex to my ears (≧∇≦)/ love your voice and you are just so fucking cute and adorablr
  12. Pause 1:24 lol anyways great!!! Lovin it :D like McDonalds. I actually dont like McDonalds so NEVERMIND XD!!! 
  13. THis is SO aswSome
  14. +Lollipoplover;D You dun like McDonald's D: ? ! ? 
  15. Can you mix problem by Ariana grande and naturally by Selena Gomez together ??? X
  16. adele and bruno mars are some of the best artists/singers...
  17. This was uploaded on my birthday xD
  18. Kinda corny :P
  19. this is probobably my kajillianth time watching this and i just realized that the wall he is leaning against in the Bruno Mars parts moves quite a bit. 
  20. kept laughing thru the whole thing (no offense) Your newer videos is done a lot better :) ur voice dont quite match ur lips in dis :P
  21. cute :)) amazing voice ..
  22. <3
  23. Love it! ♡♥♡♥☆★
  24. Franchement c'est super géniale en plus tu chante trop bien j'suis fan et je clique j'aime 
  25. Awesome song... My new favourite youtuber 
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