It Will Rain/Set Fire to the Rain - Sam Tsui

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These are two of my favorite songs right now, from two of my favorite artists - had a little fun making the raindrops, haha - hope you like!

  1. Kinda corny :P
  2. I like it. It reminds me of my ex girlfriend who accused me of lying about how I loved her. Which I did love her, but soon moved on after the second time we broke up because I knew it wasn't ever going to happen again.
  3. Best part: If you walk away, baby I'll set fire, fire, fire to the rain
  4. I love this! Especially the raindrops haha
  5. wen he was gonna sing let it burn, i thought he was gonna say let it go ._.
  6. This is seriously so amazing..hope to see you live one day!! :D i think i fell in love with u and yr personnalité :3
  7. I like your raindrops too...I think I will try this in my daughter's room. We will have fun making them. Great job on these two songs.
  8. if you hold the space bar it sounds funny cx
  9. Pause 1:24 lol anyways great!!! Lovin it :D like McDonalds. I actually dont like McDonalds so NEVERMIND XD!!! 
  10. <3 <3
  11. This is exactly how I feel right now.And this cover is BEAUTIFUL
  12. This is one of my favorite songs..hope you like this
  13. This mashup should have a bazillion views. Check it. Adele song + Bruno Mars song = Sam's song!
  14. I love it! Two thumbs up! And, I reallu love how you end the song. :D Niceeeee
  15. It was alright...
  16. Crush na talaga kita ♥♥♥
  17. more
  18. perfect 
  19. Very noisy to hear...BOOMM BUNGOG..
  20. Im not trying to be raices but r u white or brown
  21. Awesome song... My new favourite youtuber 
  22. So I just watched your recent cover of Happy and realized the string to this same hoodie is gone. RIP jacket. 
  23. Damchu <3
  24. I liked it
  25. good one :D