It Will Rain/Set Fire to the Rain - Sam Tsui

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These are two of my favorite songs right now, from two of my favorite artists - had a little fun making the raindrops, haha - hope you like!

  1. I reeeeeeeaaaaally wanna hear him sing "I won't give up" by Jason Mraz. I think his voice would sound great with it, but you never know until it happens I suppose :3
  2. Awesome !! :) You have an incredible beautiful voice! -and You can sing.. so I can hear! Love from Ceci. ☺👏
  3. I like it. It reminds me of my ex girlfriend who accused me of lying about how I loved her. Which I did love her, but soon moved on after the second time we broke up because I knew it wasn't ever going to happen again.
  4. 2:01 is my favorite part :)
  5. I kinda love the rain so...if it rains everyday I don't mind. I don't know why everyone is so scared of the rIan and hates it... I think I'm the only one that likes it and loves it when it rains. All my friends says I'm crazy... Liking the rain but I like it so what?! Who cares what I like... I like it and that's it
  6. Set Fire to The Rain: ADELE
  7. I love this :') its very nice
  8. +Lollipoplover;D You dun like McDonald's D: ? ! ? 
  9. Kinda corny :P
  10. WOAH!! <3 perfect! Love it
  11. Hey, I like your Videos! Great Voice, you can sing everything
  12. This is awesome!! 
  13. Movie
  14. This was uploaded on 11/11/11 wow
  15. Your so handsome my Gosh!
  16. I really Like the decoration 
  17. Crush na talaga kita ♥♥♥
  18. Love this cover! 💜💚💛💙
  19. Very noisy to hear...BOOMM BUNGOG..
  20. nyc mash up.. idol..
  21. I love it! Two thumbs up! And, I reallu love how you end the song. :D Niceeeee
  22. sua voz é linda eu amo os gritos que voce dá nas musica voce canta super bem ;)
  23. prang kakain lng ng tao. lol x but nice voice & version though ;)
  24. Sam Tsui is such a every good singer. I wish you will reach yours dreams and thank you for coming here in the Philippines. I love your music, remixes, concerts, voice and your looks cause your handsome..