Jailbreak 4.3.3 Firmware For iPad 2, iPhone 4, 3Gs & iPod Touch 4 (JailbreakMe 3.0)

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Please Read ▼ NEW Evasi0n iOS 6.1.2 Untethered JAILBREAK For All iDevices (Video Tutorial)http://youtu.be/fc9LxixqM3g This is the official iPad 2 Jailbreak this also supports iPhone 4,3Gs,iPod Touch 4 & iPad 1 for 4.3.3 firmware. just click on this link from your iPad 2 http://www.jailbreakme.com ✓ For more updates and help come follow me on twitter. https://twitter.com/#!/DinoD7

  1. it doesnt work!!
  2. i just wanted to know is there a jailbreak for the ipad 2 3G ! i dont care if its tethered or untethered , i hear ppl saying u need to upgrade baseband or W/e im REALLY confused about this Baseband thing duno what it is ! or can i jailbreak without this Baseband ? thx
  3. does my3g work on the ipad 2
  4. what does this do anyway
  5. Why would he know?
  6. Win iPad 2: goo.gl\8ONjl
  7. i just upgraded without knowing jailbreak wasnt going to work is there anyway i can down grade now? please help this noob :)
  8. hi i have ipad 2 firmware 4.3.5 berand new out box its the wifi and 3g model i want to jailbreak this thing so sos o so so badlly i have iphone 4 jailbroken and can not use this ipad 2 un jailbroken so plz anyone help me out plz send link etc i dont care if it tethered or not just go to jail break this device msg me at tonycaple@live.com anyone plz help me out
  9. WOW, it is too easy and great. I recommend that my ipad 2 is now jailbroken with it. I bought it yesterday and I jailbroke it today. It is awesome!!! Thanks , bro!!!
  10. It says my device is not supported tell me why
  11. It doesnt work for my ipad 2 help
  12. Fuck you spammers with your shitty comments
  13. Thaks man i just did it five seconds a go on my ipod 4th gen and it works perfectly 1 life 5 star and a subcriber
  14. is there any sight on a jailbreak for ipad2 ios 5.0.1 in the near future???? PLEASE HELP ME
  15. if I do these, Can I use any SIM card? or it is just for the apps?
  16. Do U know how to do this on the ipad 2 .. ioS5 ..?
  17. wheres installous? I just did it on my ipad 2 and i dont know where or how to get the free games. (apps)
  18. @MsPersian99 first go to settings then click on general then click on about then u will see it's iOS Hope this helped u Thanks
  19. Scam!!!
  20. can someone please reply :( my ipad 2 is on 4.3 instead of 4.3.3 and it says not supported. how can i get 4.3.3 thanks!
  21. @SarahNatalieBFF downgrade :)
  22. why the fuck it says 'Not supported on your device.Please try here for an alternate jailbreak.' please help )))):
  24. What damage can happen if i jailbreak?
  25. @greeny8088 Best thing is to get your own
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