James Vincent Mc Morrow - Higher Love

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A chilling cover of Steve Winwood's track Higher Love by Irish folk music singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow James Vincent McMorrow's version of the Steve Winwood hit 'Higher Love'...recorded for the charity album 'Silver Lining' which is available on iTunes now. All proceeds of the album go to Headstrong (headstrong.ie), an Irish charity for youth mental health. The album was recorded by students of the Sound Training Centre (soundtraining.com)'

  1. Check out this great cover guys and gals!
  2. *I Love Great Covers of 80s/90s Songs* This is a nice example. Love how it's been turned into something soft and thoughtful.
  3. Never knew this guy was Irish. Proud!
  4. and this guy cant sing
  5. amazing song
  6. I love how he covers older songs. It's refreshing :)
  7. wow........try Brad Murphy or Dallas Green
  8. This song is amazing omg
  9. This is so much better than Steve Winwood's original version
  10. ...........No. Just No. *SMH* Jake Barker & Stevie Jo Did This Better Than Whoever Tried To Sing This Song. Lol that's sad. Sorry ✌
  11. Very nice
  12. Finally found the song, was playing on the radio, what a tune!!
  13. best song i ever heard never knew he wa irish proud ofmy country which is just a tiny island but is big in my heart also ireland inspiress brought me here
  14. Jake Barker's version is much more better 
  15. Love this goes great with vids i made thx
  16. Where's this higher love, I've been thinking of? Bring me a higher love.
  17. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ
  18. ❤️💚💛 Love it
  19. what an amazing cover. beautiful voice. such a talented guy. needs to be more of him and others like him!
  20. This reminds of herbert of family guy lol
  21. I brought me here
  22. beautiful <33
  23. this dude's voice is trash it sounds like someone just chopped off his nuts
  24. I had no idea he was Irish either. Certainly another Irish talent that makes me proud of my nationality. Beautiful song.
  25. m8 is tits! ... but does anyone else thinks he looks like Hans from the Burbs?