James Vincent Mc Morrow - Higher Love

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A chilling cover of Steve Winwood's track Higher Love by Irish folk music singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow James Vincent McMorrow's version of the Steve Winwood hit 'Higher Love'...recorded for the charity album 'Silver Lining' which is available on iTunes now. All proceeds of the album go to Headstrong (headstrong.ie), an Irish charity for youth mental health. The album was recorded by students of the Sound Training Centre (soundtraining.com)'

  1. voice of an angel, face of an ass of an angel 
  2. People hating on this song because they say he's a bad singer? It's his tone that makes it what it is and I like it :) #irishpride
  3. James was amazing live :)
  4. How can people say this better than Steve Winwood!?!? He was out of his range and out of tune the whole time. 
  5. Getting the music ready for Bec and Rob's wedding on Saturday. They've chosen a great cover of Higher Love - much better than Steve Winwood's original!
  6. #beardmusic 
  7. Love this song
  8. 3 His sweet voice mixed with simple sounds seems so pure. (Say that ten times fast Lol jk)
  9. I hated this song with Steve Winwood, not that it wasn't good, it was so over played at the time, made me sick.... This version I cannot STOP playing it !! Wow, just wow cant believe the level of emotion J-V "emotes", u can feel the frustration and the longing..... wow just wow......!!
  10. This song is so comforting. 
  11. Only thing he did is make the lyrics a lot more understandable but not near the energy too it. If u listen to winwood original u HAVE to know the lyrics too understand half of it. Either way this a really dope track. Ima have too sample it.
  12. This was played in my last yoga class and I fell in love with it. 
  13. This fucking bullshit if you have this song your a fucking fag
  14. This is complete shit and anybody who downloads deserves to go to hell
  15. Chilling? Absolutely the most over-hyped cover I've heard in my life. As a result of various recommendations I ventured to listen to this. What I thought would be a convincing performance of a memorable track ended up being a contrived piece of music not worth it's weight in praise..... and yes, I understand music taste is somewhat subjective but I can't take seriously the contention that this surpasses Winwood's version.
  16. I could listen to this all day, love it!!!!
  17. This was at my sisters wedding :') It was on while she was walking to the groom.. It wasn't like a religic wedding but it was really special and nice 
  18. This is depressing. Please listen to the original 
  19. James totally changes this song ...
  20. I like this better than the original. I love how it is stripped down.
  21. Jake Barker's version is much more better 
  22. damn, his voice, right in the soul
  23. Damn...amazing...I like every song of his...great voice
  24. Yeah this is better than the Steve Winwood version....if you're a 14 year old girl. 
  25. he has the voice of an angel