James Vincent Mc Morrow - Higher Love

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A chilling cover of Steve Winwood's track Higher Love by Irish folk music singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow James Vincent McMorrow's version of the Steve Winwood hit 'Higher Love'...recorded for the charity album 'Silver Lining' which is available on iTunes now. All proceeds of the album go to Headstrong (headstrong.ie), an Irish charity for youth mental health. The album was recorded by students of the Sound Training Centre (soundtraining.com)'

  1. Beautiful voice. Prefer this version 
  2. personally i like the original, not saying this guy isn't good, it's just that the original sounds more happy, and chipper, this version of the song sound much more sad and depressing 
  3. Good for mood
  4. 21:00h..............:-)))
  5. this is beautiful.
  6. Found this song from Please Like Me!!!!
  7. Just beautiful... a nice Sunday @ all James Vincent Mc Morrow - Higher Love: http://youtu.be/c__noWWtdZg
  8. Steve Winwood>this guy
  9. This is a beautiful rendition
  10. James vincent mcmorrow Ben horward Bon iver Ed sheeran ...??
  11. here because of Niall xx
  12. I actually did get chills.. really good
  13. ❤ Please Like Me. 
  14. James was amazing live :)
  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I heard just a moment of this and now.... I'll be collecting every note he sings!
  16. Here's this higher voice, I've been thinking of
  17. I can't stop listening to this song.
  18. I was looking for that one Peter Gabrielle song but this wasnt too bad.
  19. 'Please Like Me' brought me here <3
  20. When this came up on Pandora I thought it was Bon Iver covering "Higher Love" like he did "I Can't Make You Love Me". Similar (and equally good, IMO) non-pop take on a classic pop song.
  21. dont understand why this guy gets so much hate this is just incredible 
  22. καλημέρα καλό Σαββατοκύριακο
  23. "Please Like Me" brought me here