Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking (Full Album)

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Up The Beach 00:00 Ocean Size 03:00 Had A Dad 07:20 Ted, Just Admit It... 11:06 Standing In The Shower... Thinking 18:28 Summertime Rolls 21:32 Mountain Song 27:52 Idiots Rule 31:55 Jane Says 34:56 Thank You Boys 39:46 Pigs In Zen 40:49

  1. this album/cd and Ritual changed my life, i was at a very bad point in my life when this came out, it helped me through it, to this day Janes Addiction is my favorite band
  2. Such a fantastic album!!!!
  3. he come to me with money in his hand, he offered me, i didn't sake him. when I heard this death grips sample I was, ooh Jane's 
  4. This is a very good album. Did you ever think the title track is under rated? Related to that subject, - Nothings Shocking -, well, I like how it sheds light on the subject, " who are we? ". And I like how it suggests a thought for creativity, because, what is beautiful? And if we ever succeed at creating and / or recreating beauty, real beauty, thougts, ideas, people places or things, sounds or even feelings in art and / or music, is that not something in itself? - Nothings Shocking -
  5. Best 45 minutes of my life.... .
  6. So much great, classic, boundary shredding music I missed just because I was a music peasant back then. Catching up now thanks to Youtube and awesome people like you who make the extreme effort and time commitment to upload and share
  7. killer album
  8. I personally can't understand why people constantly criticise Dave Navarro's playing, I think he's a pretty solid player :) 
  9. There's not even a bad NOTE on this album, let alone bad SONG. Take note kids....THIS is how u make an album!!!
  10. awesome album
  11. some people should die, that's just unconscious knowledge.
  12. Highly recommended personally love em.
  13. this is one of the best records ever
  14. I used to live in Ashland, Oregon in the early 90's. I didn't have a car, but rode my bike everywhere. I have great memories of riding through beautiful Lithia Park and throughout town listening to this album on my primitive Walkman. Every time I hear these songs, I'm back there in that place and time. Great music. Mahalo.
  15. they hated each other whole time doing cd,, some how they bad one of the best recoder
  16. The most beautiful woman I ever had the pleasure of dating turned me on to Janes with Summertime Rolls in Puerto Vallarta in 1992. F*ckin Trippy. Thanx San Francisco Liberty.... You Rock.
  17. One of the greatest american 'rock' albums. When this came out, I believe we all breathed a sigh of relief
  18. One of my sister's favorite cd's back in the early 90's. I've had it for all these years and i'm finally now discovering it lol can't believe I missed these guys I LOVE this!
  19. The Death Grips song Beware, on the mixtape Exmilitary samples Up the Beach.
  20. I love these soongs
  21. come to victors
  22. Awesome release and probably my favourite by them!
  23. Just saw them in Vegas At Brooklyn Bowl. Extreme Awesomest!!!! 
  24. Thanks for upload...Itunes swallowed mine!!!! Just what I need this AM to get me on track~