Jazz and Blues - Music of North America

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Jazz and Blues music is listened to by music lovers all over the world. Including Vernon. BC where on Aug 8 - 9 the RAREARTH Jazz and Blues Fest is taking place with 5 time Grammy Winner BUDDY GUY being the headliner. Music by Kath and the Tomkats. For what's happening in the Okanagan and Rareath Info: http://www.andyraeber.com/ http://www.kathandthetomkats.com/

  1. love this! you guys got it!!!
  2. That's a great song. Please tell me the name of it, and did any big name(s) record it ?
  3. Oh, I got it. New Coat of paint by Tom Waits. You guys do it better as a cover !
  4. Reeeeaaalll nice.
  5. Beautiful voice...Great band!!!
  6. Any blues music always make me blue
  7. hope you guys will make more videos
  8. This is Kath and the Tomkats
  9. very good
  10. Thank you for sharing, well worth the watch.............
  11. wow, is there any way that you all happin to have a cd.great music
  12. Only liked it because i needed this song for a school project ^^
  13. great song the kids in the background adds a homey touch
  14. Wow, love the sultry deliciousness of the music. Love it. Beautiful voice she has! :). Thank you for the post.
  15. great music
  16. it was good sound i lav it.....goodjob gussssssssssssss
  17. Excellent sax player. Down to earth rhythm section. Singer is unpretentious and reveals more here than meets the eye. A deeper reality. I don't recognize the lyrics/ are they original? The jazz and blues music grows out of the landscape and into the hearts of the people. As natural as it is profound. There is only one music. We are all one people.
  18. What is band's name?