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  1. @igalkalamie ah ouff sa mrassure XD
  2. @ihatesaturdays Shit cunt shit cunt bitch, Little piece of shit, faggot, gay cunt, dickrider. Is that all you can say to offend me? LAME. Anywho… I would know about people being massacred HELLOOO!? I currently live in mexico, yeahh meaning I know firsthand what it feels like to be in a place where death could be just around the corner, I know what it feels like to be scared in that manner. But when I lived in the us, I didn’t have any of problems. I don’t hate Canada, the USA, or Mexico,
  3. ha... je touche the boner
  4. @MadisonLoverLif t pas la pro des paroles t'as le CD c tout
  5. Bien bien sérieux ! Réticente au début mais conquise au bout de 6 minutes ! ;) J'aiime~~•
  7. comment que tu fais pour faire des vidéos avec les paroles ? :)
  8. i"m a dz boy !! :p Like this song it makes me dream cause i really love usa and us Girlz :D
  9. i wish i could understand this song. it sounds pretty good
  10. @kentpizzle Only few girls would like this. The ones who don't know what they really are. The same that trust every US men are the same than ones in movies such as Twilight... Excuse my poor english, it's been a long time since I chat in english.
  11. j'kiff trop sont tube mais si y a pas de fin j'kiff pas!
  12. @jalmulhem ahhhhh merci ! tout le monde ralait jusqu'a maintenant
  13. A tous ceux qui te font des remarques sur des fautes que tu as fait
  14. @kentpizzle rofl-ing! Check your inbox :D
  15. i'm american and i dig this song.
  16. @kekepgm i never said anything to offend french culture though...
  17. @xalysoon13 telecharge la musique puis monte avec windows movie maker . . . C'EST SIMPLE ;)
  18. I'm a kiwi. Let's just listen to the song okay...
  19. @EnzoLilli ouii mais sa arrive de se tromper
  20. @ihatesaturdays Actually, a piece of my time is dedicated to fighting with bitches like you on youtube for fun. Sorry im so dedicated. What is showing off that you can speak french going to bring to you? Another fight? LIKE I HAVE SAID BEFORE: Your sentences are wrongly structured, meaning you obviously use a translator. And about your little canada problem, If america gets destroyed, so does canada, and mexico because we're right next to it. Just like the crises that happened in 2008
  21. well american girls like french boys so i guess it works out!
  22. je veux american boyfriend!
  23. le coté chanteur-danseur de ju ju justin ..............................IL y'a deux justin: justin timberlake et justin bieber les deux savent chanter et danser! elle parle de quel chanteur-danseur? mais je trouve cette chanson super cool! qui ne rève pas d'un AMERICAN BOYfriend forever! moi je rève trop c'est pour ca que j'apprend l'anglais lmaoo! bravoo jena lee très belle chanson et j'admire ta voix
  24. @msskittykat94 totally agreed wit u my french teacher showed this video and it sound so cool
  25. 0:07 is not a hesitation is: put yourself in a situation that is not 0:25 Nate is the beauty: purity and Nate at 1:07 is not its driving me crazy c 'is: that person makes me mad.