Johnny Cash - Hurt

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Johnny Cash - Hurt with Lyrics

  1. When you are 80 years old or unable to move properly suicide is okay guys
  2. perfect
  3. Love this song!! This is Trent's song, however Johnny did right by it!!! RIP Johnny Cash!! <3 <3 <3
  4. Only the link, huh?
  5. this is one of those videos that we all come together and agree sooo beautiful
  6. where can i find more songs like this one ? 
  7. To me johnny cash's version and NIN version both have a different meaning for me johnnys version is about loosing someone he loved and NIN version is slipping into drug addiction and loosing everyone around them
  8. I am not for-suicide by all mean. But I am just saying, sometime there is not much help you can provide for that individual however much you want to.You can choose to believe that you make a difference, and sometime it does work and you does make a difference,and that is what I am doing as well, trying to make a difference, but unfortunately sometime, regardless of what you do, it doesn't help. And sometime,the greatest good you can do, is to let go.
  9. This song is just like my life...
  10. You do know this was a Nine Inch Nails cover right?
  11. i have no idea :/
  12. He did not write this song.....It was originally done by Nine Inch Nails
  13. Agreed, Friend.
  14. never go full retard
  15. how noble.
  16. Of*
  17. This is the song that makes me remember when I was so self destructive.Life as an entertainer can be so isolating.
  18. I wish i could take all the pain from the world even if it meant i had to take it all upon myself.
  19. absolutely haunting.
  21. amen brother...amen