JULIAN SMITH - Mr. Timn the Milkman

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  1. Mr. Timn reminds me of Doctor Who AND The Grinch at the aame time xD Like if you agree!!
  3. I laughed so hard I woke up my parents!!
  4. Mr timn is so creepy O_O
  5. I could really go for a milk... man.
  6. Mr. Timn has many lives and he dies a lot
  7. Why does Mr. Timn keep reminding me of Jim Carrey?
  8. I'd think he would learn to look before crossing the street by now.
  9. Is mister Timn a cat?! o.O
  10. Why is there an Elvis dol in the kitchen?
  11. More mr. Timn 
  12. its even funnier with the captions on lol
  13. He's not the milkman, he's the MALKman!
  14. why do these always end with mr.timn getting ran over by a car? XD
  15. WERE NICE PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4
  16. Rip mr. Timn
  17. A lot of people blowing their noses at the same time xD classic Mr. Timn
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mr. Timn gets hits by a car of the same make/model as the one parked on the street... Right?
  19. Lol Mr. Timn reminds me of batman and joker put together
  20. I find it interesting how the car that hits timn look exactly like the car parked on the side of the road...
  21. Mr. Timn needs to start looking both ways before he DIES
  22. I love how he dies every time.
  23. HE WAS SO YOUNG!!!!!!!!!
  24. we need more of mr timn he is feaking awesome!
  25. MR. TIMN NOOOO!!!!!!!!