Julio Silpitucla - La cumparsita"

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Julio Silpitruca, guitarrista de apenas 11 años. interpretó el conocido tema La cumparsita en "El Casting de la Tele".

  1. #QueLindo O_o 
  2. This mexican boy is a genius!
  3. badass, i just wish they had mic'd it instead of plugging it in. this kid is a beast though!
  4. ZERO
  5. The best part is that they say in the video that he started played just a year before this presentation LOL.
  6. I would like to say, Bravo!!. But, that doesn't do it. This little boy is a gift from heaven. The world must wake up and realize that these children happen once in centuries. They're called Beethoven, Mozart, Segovia, Dominguez, Iglesias.... We better must identify these children, nurture them, and let them lift us up to the next step. I still can't believe what I saw. I'm glad the audience realized what they were seeing, obviously, a very intelligent and appreciative people.
  7. maestro!!!!
  8. ohh its real a child ? loll..
  9. Me encanta!
  10. Sungha Jung argentino
  11. we have a winner!
  13. Beautiful
  14. Yes 'un ano" more like 6 years, 8 hours a day everyday
  15. 2:04 cara de orgasmo xDDDD
  16. this kid is awesome !
  17. i love spanish tipa. viva.
  18. VERY GOOD.
  19. Wonderful '
  20. BRAVO This performance makes me feel more optimistic for the human race.
  21. a little great albinez
  22. That face epic hahahahha :v 
  23. A genius ! ♥ Keep going !
  24. Finamente bravo
  25. increible!!!!!!!!!!!
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