Junaid Jamshed- Muhammad ka Roza

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Muhammad ka roza Vey nice

  2. I LOVE IT 
  3. loveeeeeeeeeee'n it
  4. 2005 remind me of my year 10 skool ...in pak....really amazing and soul touching .....Naat
  5. i love junaid jamshid
  6. Mashallah love this naat may Allah give guidance to all of like Junaid. Hatts off to you man you have set an example
  7. mind ur language...and dont simply behave like a dumb deaf and blind person...think before u say and react..u shall pay 4 all u said as soon as u close ur eyes forever..use ur sense and study abt islam Allah the almighty and Muhammed pbuh..
  8. molana saeed ahmad khan sahib (rahmatullah alieh)'s kalam mashallah
  9. @saadboy786 Only stupid Muslims have concept of free speech. I have the right to say what I wish. If I could silence others, I would ban the Quran because it is a hateful book.
  10. masha'ALLAH ..
  12. i simply love this beautiful naat n Junaid Jamshade as he change his life n left evrythin for Allah Pak. .. Good Luck JJ. .. . .
  13. u realy dnt hv any rite 2 tlk like dat about anyones religion it is rude. u shoud show respect for others religions if allah didnt test people den god knws wat could b going on around da world
  14. ho is very lovly naat .arshah
  15. zabardast
  16. i love this naat when i hear it my hairs get stand up i am getting emotional i will see i want to hear it always any time
  17. @Ramshobraja for your kind information Quran tells us about other prophets as well those who are believed by the christians and jews . and their holy books predict the arrival of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) even the hindu veds predicts the arrival of our prophet. only an idiot would say that the Quran is a hateful book . IF YOU HAVE NO SOLID EVIDENCE OF WHAT YOU SAID THEN YOU SHOULD NOT LIE ABOUT IT
  18. ture word alhamdulillah good hob junaid bahi ramzam mubarak all muslim brother's and sister's?
  19. mashallah <3
  20. mashah allha from reshma
  21. @lvlralii May ALLAH BLESS HIM AS WELL. And all of muslims in pakistan. Amer Manchester
  22. Just owsem! MashAllah! SubhanAllah
  23. M.A it is a great feeling to listen naat from junaid jamshed.... he is a best muslim
  24. one of the most beautiful NAAT....Excellent ..
  25. @amermir2001 dear brother thanx for ur concern.... but thats how we like to do it.. we don't interfere in wot u do.. so please u also don't interfere in wot we do or wot we like to do it... and further we will consult our scholars when needed,, u r not a scholar so please u don't talk like a scholar... hope u don't mind.. thanx.. :)