Justin Bieber - "Baby" Live! 2010

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Justin performs "Baby" live at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom. Check out the new Billboard cover story at: www.billboard.com/bieber Subscribe here (http://www.bit.ly/BillboardSub) for more exclusive artist interviews, weekly performance sessions and in-depth coverage of the world's biggest music events.

  1. I like the cute justin baby song. 
  2. I like the Asian kid at 1:50 right behind Justin Beiber's legs.
  3. Is he best singer in USA???
  4. listen to my eyes? :/ huh??
  5. Justin Bieber is a Joke 
  6. You are saker !!!
  7. WTF! 20.549 disliks 
  8. no offence but some people that comment dont make sense
  9. At least he was tolerable here now he's an unbearable prick.
  10. fuck youuiiuuuuuuu gay beaver
  11. Wooooooo
  12. So cute!!!!
  13. How to do justin Bieber's hair? 
  14. Mutesem justin harika cok guzel
  15. quimuzica o riva
  16. Adil khn best
  17. Жалкая копия Майкла Джексона
  18. خكري ****** خكري ******
  19. I love your songs but why you stop the job to sing
  20. Quelle daube, va crever!
  21. This is a perfect video to remember when Justin was a good person. Today I cant' say the same thing.
  22. I typed justin bieber to see what we are dealing with and its worse then I thought. He sounds like a 8 year old girl and even worse hes in his 20's and he hasent gone threw puberty. Girls why do you like him? He has a horrible haircut, has a voice thats so loud people in the shuttle had heart attacks but theres no sound up there, and scientists are looking for a cure to make sure his singing doesnt disrupt planes so they dont destroy the itfull tower and then destfoy earth from nukes that detinate from the mimicking sounds of screaming little girls. Thats right beaver we shall expose your secretes
  23. He's on tv 
  24. good
  25. I'm a Boy Belieber
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