Justin Bieber - "Baby" Live! 2010

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Justin performs "Baby" live at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom. Check out the new Billboard cover story at: www.billboard.com/bieber Subscribe here (http://www.bit.ly/BillboardSub) for more exclusive artist interviews, weekly performance sessions and in-depth coverage of the world's biggest music events.

  1. Justin Bieber is a Joke 
  2. I will always support you♥
  3. fuck
  4. The music is beatifull años justin
  5. <3
  6. Love kidraul
  7. Fuck this piecofshit he sucks guns n roses the best
  8. Justin bieber is a gay
  9. Well,a fucking gay.And a shitty voice :/ Please agree this shit.
  11. Really
  12. wow 
  13. I love him
  15. Justin bieber I really.... WANT TO KILL U
  16. I typed justin bieber to see what we are dealing with and its worse then I thought. He sounds like a 8 year old girl and even worse hes in his 20's and he hasent gone threw puberty. Girls why do you like him? He has a horrible haircut, has a voice thats so loud people in the shuttle had heart attacks but theres no sound up there, and scientists are looking for a cure to make sure his singing doesnt disrupt planes so they dont destroy the itfull tower and then destfoy earth from nukes that detinate from the mimicking sounds of screaming little girls. Thats right beaver we shall expose your secretes
  17. I really love u justin , but why will u leave ur favouirte job,to sing , did u hate it ?
  18. I love justin Bieber !!!!! 3 Te amo!! ^^
  19. he's so cute<3
  20. ilove you justin biber
  21. Love the old Justin :)
  22. Justin
  23. I can sing the hol song
  24. hate it! 
  25. i hate justin bieber
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