Justin Bieber - U Smile

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Music video by Justin Bieber performing U Smile. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. He was ok before 3-4 years ago right now just no no please
  2. He apologized for his mistakes, he knows the way he´s been acting is wrong. I´m always gonna support him. #ProudBelieber 
  3. all yo hahters need to GWE TIA FUCKING LUIFE!!!!!! youre just jealius becaus ejustinm nacutally CAN sinjg and hes ho0tter than you. mjus tjnow tha thw ewill make more ,money than you ever twill. id leike yto see you try to bemcome tslented and famous like hnim. but i be tyou neve riwll. i will thenever stip beleivi9ng uin you nustin! jusitn biebebr iw ill always loiv euyou!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. So much homosexuality on he's songs Justin Bieber is gay
  5. "U" Is not a word,It's only a letter. But You* is a real word.
  6. Haters gtfo he wrote this for his Beliebers, Not you so stfu And thanks for getting him more famous. 💋
  7. A question to the Justin Bieber Fangirls: Why? Okay, I know that he is rich, kind of cute looking and very famous. But he is also very rude and self-absorbed. Also his music is ... well. So why, fangirls? What is it that makes him attractive to you?
  8. +Marios Z. exei ligo sxesi me ato pou egrapsa istoria XD
  10. Remember little Justin?
  11. 10 milion girls are as retarted as the girls in the clip... gj!
  12. he is cutiest girl in that group :-)
  13. these song is super gay, justin bieber is gay
  14. I just don't understand why people don't like him. I am not a fan of him nor did I listened to all his songs but I didn't see any reason to start bashing at him like he is the most wanted criminal who should be get rid off immediately from this world. He is a human too and he deserves respect. Just that, why he gets all these hates?
  15. Justin Bieber pure face of dick
  16. Beliebers are the most braindead fucking people ever. This faggot treats his fans like shit and breaks the law cause he thinks hes hot fucking shit. He's the biggest immature gaylord to walk this earth. His army of ugly ass 13 year old girls will continue to worship him cause they just convince themselves that he isn't the biggest prick ever. Seriously give me a reason why you like him. he's talentless, autotuned as shit. He's a prick, that's a given. his music is pop bullshit. I hope you guys know he treats his fans like shit too, calling one a beached whale. If this dude fucking died I'd be happy as shit. Don't give me that why are here then uhdhrhdhr shit cause all I'm doing is sharing my thoughts. That's what comments are for.
  17. JB not gayyy..............!!!!!!
  18. Happy 21st Kidrauhl! Love you always! to everyone who is saying he was alright 3-4 years ago I'm laughing because 3-4 years ago you guys still didn't like him. :) 
  19. I'm here because of Niall and Zayn's twitcam ages ago and Niall kept singing "When you smile I smile~" so I decided I had to finally hear the real song and lmao I like Niall's version better haha
  20. I miss the old JB 5 years ago 😫
  21. At the beginning it sounds like he is saying: I weed on you forever. Justin at the beginning of your life, no one knew who you were, you weren't anything big or famous and to be honest I kinda wish it had stayed that way. Cos a screaming idiot sounds better than your singing. No offence but none of us can fight the truth, especially the dumb idiots like you. :) Oh, plus I can read the future. Your future is that when you die there will be a massive party in the whole world and I am gonna host it. We'lll talk about how dreadful you are so, to prevent all this, just stop being you.
  22. U smell I smell...
  23. what a cute music video makes it think of me and the girl im talking to now get a long .. its good
  24. yeah 
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