Justin Bieber - U Smile

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Music video by Justin Bieber performing U Smile. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. Remember little Justin?
  2. He apologized for his mistakes, he knows the way he´s been acting is wrong. I´m always gonna support him. #ProudBelieber 
  3. Haters gtfo he wrote this for his Beliebers, Not you so stfu And thanks for getting him more famous. 💋
  4. He was ok before 3-4 years ago right now just no no please
  5. Oh my.. looking back at this just brings so many memories and feelings back to me. I'm sitting here crumbling happily together like a little child who just got a lollypop. I love him, SO, so much. He was a humble and innocent little boy who was placed in a cruel world with cruel people. How can you even blame him for turning into who he was a year ago? You literally made him this way, you made him get the "Well, if I can't make anyone happy even when I'm doing my best. Then fuck it all!" attitude that he had for a period. You made him view the world in a screwed up way. This is your fault, all of the haters. Now you're like "omg, why couldn't he have stayed this way, instead of turning into the huge douchebag he is now?" - like WHAT the ACTUAL FUCK. Um, who hated on him at this stage of his life? You. Who repeatedly told him that he was a little gay cunt? You. Who used your whole 24 hours sending him hate on YouTube and the medias, wishing for him to die? You. Do NOT act like you are innocent. You are a little devil, who obviously doesn't realize that what you write will be seen, and a person will be hurt. You're all little bullies. Do not blame him for having a bad period of time in his life, where he made bad choices and was together with the wrong people. He's honestly been through so much international bullshit and hate, that you wouldn't believe it. Luckily, he's cleaning up his act now. Still though, most of you don't applaud him for doing that. Which is just fucking IGNORANT and douchy of you. Shame on you. This kid can't do anything right, without it being a "PR-stunt" or something "his manager told him to do" - you all WISH for him to be a little devil, well, too bad he's proving you wrong. People in this world are fucked up, and do you know what the worst part is? They don't even realize it themselves.
  6. all yo hahters need to GWE TIA FUCKING LUIFE!!!!!! youre just jealius becaus ejustinm nacutally CAN sinjg and hes ho0tter than you. mjus tjnow tha thw ewill make more ,money than you ever twill. id leike yto see you try to bemcome tslented and famous like hnim. but i be tyou neve riwll. i will thenever stip beleivi9ng uin you nustin! jusitn biebebr iw ill always loiv euyou!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. JB not gayyy..............!!!!!!
  8. +Marios Z. exei ligo sxesi me ato pou egrapsa istoria XD
  9. I miss the old J.B So inlove with him 😍 No hate for dat it's mah life^^❤
  10. i love you justin
  11. I was secretly so obsessed with Justin Bieber back in this era or My World and My World 2.0 All my friends thought j hated him and his music but I honestly LOVED it lol. Now I don't like him at all.
  12. 10 milion girls are as retarted as the girls in the clip... gj!
  13. yeah 
  14. Justın'in her şarkısı gibi bu da harika<333
  15. for you
  16. I love songs like this......and he is not like a girl he just has a great soft voice <3
  17. for all u haters like me "You smell" "I smell" "And I peed on your carpet"
  18. Oòooooh ya jutbitcher fucker yo are stupid an yor girlfriend is dose no tucking like you bitch.............................................. ................. haha bitch fucker 
  19. Hey, I'm an aspiring teenage singer trying to put myself out there. It'd mean a lot of you guys could check out my cover of "Thinking Out Loud" and tell me what you think :)
  20. I miss such Justin.
  21. Justin Bieber - U Smile: 
  22. I'd like to be that girl.. Love him so much ♥
  23. Hey...actually...this song is good. Not bad at all.
  24. Can he sing without Autotune????????????????
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