Justin Bieber - U Smile

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Music video by Justin Bieber performing U Smile. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. He was ok before 3-4 years ago right now just no no please
  2. So much homosexuality on he's songs Justin Bieber is gay
  3. And he grew up to be a dewche bag
  4. +Marios Z. exei ligo sxesi me ato pou egrapsa istoria XD
  5. He growed up to be a hobo lord
  6. he is cutiest girl in that group :-)
  7. A question to the Justin Bieber Fangirls: Why? Okay, I know that he is rich, kind of cute looking and very famous. But he is also very rude and self-absorbed. Also his music is ... well. So why, fangirls? What is it that makes him attractive to you?
  9. Justin Bieber pure face of dick
  10. i love you justin
  11. I love songs like this......and he is not like a girl he just has a great soft voice <3
  13. This version of him will always be my favorite. ❤️
  14. I think it sounds better at 1.25 speed :)
  15. OK even tho I'm not a fan I just gotta say this: I love this song. It's adorable and idk what haters think is so bad about it! I know he grew up to be a complete dick but he is a SINGER. SINGERS get judged on their SINGING. Not their personality. And he doesn't sound like a girl haha he just has a soft voice! So don't hate. No one deserves to be hated on. Comment on this if u (dis)agree with this! X
  16. these song is super gay, justin bieber is gay
  17. While your bitter he's counting money 
  18. Why don't u stop this hate its stupid, Justin has saved lives mine is one of them and what u done? ur bullies. .. He's not changed hes just made a few bad divisions but so what and u only hear about them because hes famous, there are people doing worse stuff everyday and u dont comment on them do you. .. Your just judge mental and it fucked up justin is an amazing human being who has the best personalise and the biggest hart so why dont you go pick on somone else because he doesn't deserve this!! Hes a life saver. THANKYOU justin xx
  19. yeah 
  20. Why is their alot of people arguing about one human being they have never met before a day in their life?
  21. Almost 5 years ago 😭😭😭😭😭😘 crying watching this I remember when It came out I was in third grade and now I'm going to be in 9th grade now I remember when I started liking him I was in 2nd grade my cousin showed me him and it all went downhill from there I've been a bielieber since the beginning.... Remember when called him Justin beaver and then so on he can get threw it he will be back 2015 is his year 
  22. People grow up you know. He's still amazing...
  23. This kid was ok to the beginning but he grew up to be the biggest pussy alive.
  24. 10 milion girls are as retarted as the girls in the clip... gj!
  25. I have masturbated to many Bieber videos. For the longest time I had believed his name was Justine Bieber. Now I am forever traumatized by the fact I masturbated to a boy that looks like an extremely cute girl. I have questioned my sexuality. I have jacked to mulitple pictures to him and selena gomez thinking this was some kind of sexy lesbian relationship. Holy mother fucking ball shit. P.S. FUck you.