Justin Bieber - U Smile

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Music video by Justin Bieber performing U Smile. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. So much homosexuality on he's songs Justin Bieber is gay
  2. And he grew up to be a dewche bag
  4. This was the first Justin Bieber song I heard on the radio 4 years ago. Had no idea who sang it until the DJ revealed his name. So I quickly googled for a "Justine Bieber", thinking that it was a girl singing, and... what do you know...
  5. A question to the Justin Bieber Fangirls: Why? Okay, I know that he is rich, kind of cute looking and very famous. But he is also very rude and self-absorbed. Also his music is ... well. So why, fangirls? What is it that makes him attractive to you?
  6. no puedo mas me encanta la canion la tengo que escuchar i love justin
  8. 4 years for Usmile❤❤
  9. I'm 21 and I still believe we're gonna get married one day, lol 🙈🙊 I love you 
  10. he is cutiest girl in that group :-)
  11. I love justin and I will always love u haters gonna hate :p
  12. I know you'll never read this but... just remember you still have millions of beliebers who love you no matter what. We will always support you. We will always be here. And I really can't believe I once thought of stop being a belieber just because I met other singers and now I regret. Okay I know i'm over dramatic lol. Whatever. Just remember, Justin, haters will hate. There will always be people who love you for what you are and people who hate you for the same reason. Thank you for everything Justin. I love you so much!!!!!! (Pds: Sorry for my english xD) 
  13. "You smell I smell" wat is that
  14. Justin Bieber pure face of dick
  15. Congrats @justinbieber on your 14th #VevoCertified video! U smile, I smile 😄#EMABiggestFansJustinBieber http://youtu.be/r2ozuCXpVJY 
  16. people hating but i find the melody to sound similar to what michael jackson would of done. and if he sang it everyone would be all over this song
  17. Am I the only one missing this Justin ? :/ 
  18. Ich glaube ich habe jetzt Ohrenkrebs
  19. Im 48, way out of date, but I think this kid had looks, and talent ( and incredibly great luck)... Sadly, fame and fortune corrupt. Drugs and bad ppl influence him. The ppl who are making money off him don't care abt him, but abt their paychecks! Give the kid a break. Look at michael jackson, elvis and cobain. All that fame and money brought trouble...even death! I was a kid performer. Kinda glad i didn't make it...o_0
  20. When I heard this straight away ma head went "JUSTIN BIEBER AINT IT"
  21. still remember when this were one of his new songs
  22. Would you believe that I had never heard this song before today 27/09/14?! 
  23. Hey....before dis I also justin bieber fans and now im not...not bcus he is gay...we are also humans like him....why to hate...if he wants to be gay or etc...let him do wat he wanna do...dont mess with his life...dont hate comment here
  24. omfb !!! still watching it 2013 ! pround ! kidrauhl
  25. I love this song is amazing love u Justin bieber
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