Justin Bieber - U Smile

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Music video by Justin Bieber performing U Smile. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. oh dear.... he's the cutest girl in the group..oh... he is she.... is he SHE?? oh ... what the hack..... :'(
  3. Hagamos que U smile llegue al billon ! nosotras podemos Beliebers♡
  4. None of the five girls at the beginning were black...wonder why not?
  5. marico de mierda ya s sabe q es gay.. pagandole a prostitutas para q digan lo contrario.. pinche maricon
  6. Cute ♥♪
  7. He is really talented
  8. hh
  9. justine bieber 
  10. Hoo JB I love you Miren a los q insultan a Justin es por q estan celosos d el primero conoscanlo y luego hablen .. Por q si quiera lo conocen d verdad????Nooooo asi q vallan bajandose d esa nueve q el es gay... Nl si quierao conosen y A demas para q escuchan su musica para q la comentan ¿a? Att: Anonimooooo!
  11. Ya está tan grande mi bebé, aquí era un feto. fghjk lo amo tanto, y está canción es una de mis favoritas. 
  12. I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CRY NOT SING!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  14. +Revelian1982 Just because he doesn't go out of his way to include a black girl in a group of five doesn't mean he's racist towards them...
  15. How can anyone dislike this? He's a very talented young man. Much better than John Lennon.
  16. U SMILE ..... I SMILE ^__^ =__=
  17. I dont understand why he does'nt care about the fans anymore + none of the girls at the beggining were black
  19. whats up with the chicks in the first part 
  20. Different girl every time:/
  21. all these hater comments below, its fine. people who see his talent are great, but people who see his talent and are jealous of him, yeah well thats were its going wrong. its okey to be jealous we all are jealous. you can hate on us whatever. cause in the past 7 years, us beliebers and justin turned out to be the strongest family ever. yes, we arent just a fanbase, we are a huge family. and after everything justin went trought, the real ones are still here. and iam so glad i can call myself a real one. thanks justin, i love you 
  22. Si eres Belieber o Belieber Boy agregame, add me :D ^^*___*
  23. He grow up way to fast
  24. 3:15 proof that hes a girl
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