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One of the most famous Russian folk songs, Instrumental.

  1. Good afternoon for all friend one day wonderful with Paz joy trust and renew in all point of vision , that all us renew in trust and faith in God ,create a happiness all day for celebrate one new mount http://youtu.be/qY4zWmQ6vzY
  2. supeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Who is the violinist on the right??? Please.
  4. Kalinka - Russian Folk Songs
  5. ;) ...
  7. *Kalinka*
  8. Great music...and so are the russian girls...
  9. bravo! Russian revolutionary soul !
  10. strašná kvalita zvuk i obraz
  11. Paráda Slovani, len nás neprídite zase okupovať "bratia" Rusi!!!
  12. tear it up girls!
  13. this music is good and brings back many memories, only two things that i see is that everyone is paying attention to the girls and that this music is easy to play but hard to find the damn copy
  14. molto bella......le ragazze sono molto brave
  15. super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Hi i really like their version. Is there any way i could get their mp3 music with these 3 lovely ladies? I intend to use for the coming performing night. Thanks
  17. Sus nombres, direccion, telefono...el de ellas no el tuyo
  18. Pragtig
  19. Joteski hää sanoo jotta,helevati....Hää hyppi silimille..Miun..
  20. This one is Kalinka
  21. nice music
  22. Végre rátok találtam. Szégyen, hogy a franciák nem ismerik, hogy magyarok vagytok.
  23. что Россия? Я не понимаю.
  24. the groups name is.. Bond
  25. They called Gracia from Hungary.