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One of the most famous Russian folk songs, Instrumental.

  1. Slava to my brothers from Bosnia, Slava našem slavenskom narodu! ura
  2. Kalinka princesses
  3. λξβψω δρες; θιοκλ βγψχφ ξηλπινξσαε!
  4. ;)
  5. η πιο ομορφη η πιο ελπιδοφορα μελωδια για παντα.....
  6. One of the most famous Russian folk songs. Instrumental
  7. Bravo Rusia !
  8. supeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Who is the violinist on the right??? Please.
  11. Cant tell you how I found this but I love these three girls right here man, Love that is.Leebone
  12. Great music...and so are the russian girls...
  13. bravo! Russian revolutionary soul !
  14. strašná kvalita zvuk i obraz
  15. Paráda Slovani, len nás neprídite zase okupovať "bratia" Rusi!!!
  16. tear it up girls!
  17. this music is good and brings back many memories, only two things that i see is that everyone is paying attention to the girls and that this music is easy to play but hard to find the damn copy