Karma Police - Gianni and Sarah (Walk off the Earth)

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"Karma Police" Mp3 available here: http://bit.ly/seaMIn Download our exclusive iTunes session here: http://smarturl.it/wote_itunes Download our album R.E.V.O. here: http://smarturl.it/revo WOTE merch available here: http://goo.gl/5Q9TuY Gianni Luminati and Sarah Blackwood perform a loop cover of Radiohead's "Karma Police". WOTE TOUR DATES: http://www.walkofftheearth.com/events

  1. You fucking butchered this song. Ultra censored and just plain hipster, douchebag, garbage. Literally worse than cancer. Overall rating: 7/10.
  2. This was pretty good, but I didn't like how they took out "... her Hitler hairdo is makin' me feel ill..." What the heck man 
  3. I don't know what everyone's complaining about.... This is their take on the song. I think they did a good job of doing a good song in their own way. That's kind of the point of a cover. It's a good song, done well.
  4. Bit of a shame. If you don't like the song, just don't do it. No need to rape it, then kill it, then skullfuck it.
  5. I like it, but nothing can be compared with Radiohead.
  6. Wow. Just. Wow.
  7. Respect to gianni for being with Sarah! Man! If I could be one person, it would be him!
  8. cover creep!
  9. Love all the music and videos you do. Your creative energy is fun to watch, unique, refreshing and a joy to listen to!
  10. como alguem da dislike numa arte massa dessa que eles fazem? Eles são muito show!
  11. Everyones a critic! Hope the Karma Police puts em' on ice, as I like your style and innovation. Cool stuff+++
  12. I love your band:)
  13. Es excelente, son muy talentosos. Y a esa gente fanática extrema que juran que las bandas les pertenecen... Me dan pena. 'Radiohead are untouacheble' se comportan como unas fanáticas de Bieber xd
  14. Sorry guys, but Radiohead are UNTOUCHABLE!
  15. Fenomeni!
  16. What was the correlation with Karma Police and Imagine? I didn't really understand.
  17. Love all your songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Loving all your stuff... keep 'em coming guys ;-)
  19. wow
  20. can you do she dont use jelly next please
  21. muy bueno man
  22. Just got turned on to you kids. You guys are so much fun! Really dig your originality and massive talent. You make me smile. Thanks for putting your energy out into the Verse. 
  23. Sorry, I think this is awesome! Love Radiohead, love WOTE, and what a good combo!!!
  24. I am confused here...if you are watching WOTE more than once....Do you not get that they are doing songs completely rearranged in their own style? If not, you have just been informed.......
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