Katy Perry - Firework

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Official music video for Katy Perry's "Firework" off her album 'Teenage Dream'. Director: Dave Meyers. Producers: Robert Bray & Danny Lockwood. Get 'Teenage Dream' here: http://bit.ly/kpTDdelEX (explicit) http://bit.ly/kpTDdel (clean) #VEVOCertified on January 29, 2011. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified

  2. it's so upsetting how people doesn't support gay rights. imagine you being in that position of loving a same gender person, you all need to stop looking pathetic and try to understand their feelings. because of all the society, they feel themselves insecure and lock their true feelings, their afraid of people's judgement when they admit their gay/lesbian even bisexual. society needs to settle the fuck down and support all of these sexuality on people. stop saying "eww" "disgusting" and sort of things because honestly, those words should be returned back to you instead of them cause you're truly disgusting for not supporting anything like this. gays and lesbian loves are like straight relationships, the only difference is the non opposite genders, grow the fuck up and quit looking pathetic, quit throwing their happiness away to keep them crying, get your mind fixed and apologize to all the different sexuality people, because we all are the same human beings and you've got absolutely no right to judge them at all. 
  3. me gustaba mas katy perry cuando no copiaba :(
  4. Its so sad to come on this video after four years and see the comments. This song is trying to help people who are insecure and trying to promote loving yourself. Why the fuck does it matter that there are two guys kissing? In a whole four minute video thats all you focus on? What about the great music or the rest of the video? Everyone is beautiful in their own way and everyone needs someone to love, to hold, to be loved by, so who the fuck cares if its a boy or a girl? I certainly don't.
  5. 2:15 GAYS WTF EWWWW!
  6. Eww boys kissing deny ways happy 4th of July (it was yesterday) 
  7. Кто хочет чтобы я спела это песню?Только уже после субботы(я иду на свадьбу)
  8. one of my best songs ^_^
  9. at 1:16 look at her nose. ehhh
  10. Why is everyone being so mean about the homosexual men? You should love who you want to. and be who you want to be. -.-
  11. The two guys kissing was so hot
  12. OMG............2:21 .........OMG :I 
  14. i'm not like criticizing gay people, but it's kinda gross to see boys kissing each other...
  15. Buonanotte a tutti..
  16. al q no lo vio pos q lo vea esta bonito
  17. WTH! How is there 458 million views & there are only 7 million people on the planet?
  19. Seriously people? If god says people aren't able to be gay or lesbians and we shouldn't let them get married, then let me burn in hell cause I believe they should be able to marry the love of their life
  20. Gay sex WTF.... girls are for the sex not boys.. boys ass is just for doing shitt ... fuck this shitt... 
  21. Can i too have firework tits?
  22. +KreTheAmazing RBLXX you are a firework, your different. Your beautiful and don't forget that! And I'm sorry 
  23. is that real
  24. what do u think?
  25. The two guys are gay