Katy Perry - Firework

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Official music video for Katy Perry's "Firework" off her album 'Teenage Dream'. Director: Dave Meyers. Producers: Robert Bray & Danny Lockwood. Get 'Teenage Dream' here: http://bit.ly/kpTDdelEX (explicit) http://bit.ly/kpTDdel (clean) #VEVOCertified on January 29, 2011. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified

  1. Is it gay to like Margaritas and listen to Katy Perry?
  2. Aren't bisexuality and homosexuality mental disorders? Now before taking out your pitchforks, please hear me out, I just want a respectful discussion. Ever since the beginning of time, humans have mated and made babies to reproduce. This happened between a man and a woman, and was required to make us reproduce. Survival was what was important. Over time, survival has become almost nothing in terms of importance. Now we as humans make babies because we want to start a family, keep our legacy going, etc. And now a lot of people do not care for marriage or reproduction. This is a different time we live in now. It has been proven that what causes transgenders to feel the way they do is by a disorder in the brain, in which they feel like a different gender that doesn't match their sex. This is what we call gender dysphoria, and there are treatments for this, most widely accepted sexual reassignment. To say that they didn't have a mental disorder is false, and not scientifically accurate. Now what if these sexualities are conditions as well? What if sometime during human evolution the gene which gives us sexual attraction was mutated and thus caused the brain signals to go haywire and not be attracted to the opposite sex? This would be a mental disorder, like gender dysphoria. Transgenders don't feel they belong in their natural bodies that were given to them at birth, and bi and homosexuals don't feel they belong in the natural way of loving the opposite sex which is formed by the need for reproduction in humans. Thus the only treatment would be to roll with it, and love the gender you love, and if you want children, you can get a surrogate or a sperm donor, which was not possible in the past. This theory would also explain how homosexuality and bisexuality are not choices, they are something you feel normally. Am I onto something, or completely wrong about my thoughts? Please, be respectful and constructive.
  3. Kim Jong brought me here ♥
  4. All I see in these comments are "eww gays ewwwww" What are you 12!? Grow the fuck up. They're human too. I'm sure there's something about the homophobes which I consider disgusting, which I already do, and that is their ignorance. As a staight man, it sickens me how ignorant people are, if you love someone, be happy about it. Be it a gay couple or two people who met through an online dating site or an elderly couple celebrating their 50th anniversary to 2 people who had a one night stand turned serious relationship. If you love someone, I see nothing wrong with it. (Of course I don't mean a 40+ man who "loves" a 15 year old girl) Be happy about who you are. Honestly, to any homophobes reading this, I hope a close friend/family member is secretly gay. I really do.
  5. this is great i love it
  6. If listening to Katy Perry and drinking Margaritas is gay, who wants to be straight? 😂 
  7. I am here because of The Interview.
  9. The gays ruin this video for me 
  10. Oh my god about 99% of the comments on here aren't about the actual video in general. They're mostly about the TWO SECONDS of this FOUR MINUTE VIDEO of the gay couple, and i find that stupid. I'm not song to that, I'm trying to concentrate that amount into fewer comments so people can see the beauty of the video. I mean, it's something you don't really have any control of, just homosexuals aren't accepted by the public because they're "different". Well, we're all a little different in our own ways. It's the difference between humans as we know them and a bunch of mindless drones, we all have a unique sense of thought. And to every homophobe reading this, THERE'S NO F***ING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STRAIGHT COUPLES, GAY COUPLES OR LESBIAN COUPLES! IT'S LOVE, AND LOVE KNOWS NO GENDER! Imagine if you were in that situation, if you loved someone of the same gender, and you had to hide it because the way you are is not accepted by the public, then how would you feel? Because for most people, they could come through and then that could lead to severe bullying, and could lead to suicide. So if you're at this point into my book comment, and not against homosexuality, then stop reading. If you still are reading, then chances are you would treat someone you know differently if they were gay. You would probably treat them worse or even bully them. Well if they were to kill themselves because of the bullying (most of the time is because someone told them to), that could be considered promoting suicide and that could get you fined or sent to prison. I would like to hear your arguments below in the comments on this post as to why you are against or for homosexuality. Thank you, and goodbye for now. 
  11. I love the message of this video, very true. Katy Patra 🎇🎆🎇
  12. Why is there fireworks coming out of her boobs? I'm so confused. 
  13. cool video until the FAGGOTS started kissing
  14. Homosexuals are more violent then straight people. Proof: Straight male/woman: Eww, homosexuals are disgusting and it's wrong in every way. Homosexual/bio: YOU FUCKING CUNT I HOPE U DIE YOU STUPID STRAIGHT SHIT I WANT YOU TO BE GAY YOU IGNORANT IDIOT I BET YOU'RE IGNORANT CUZ OF UR STUPID GOD FUK ALL RELIGION I WANT EVERYBODY TO BE GAY AND IF UR NOT GAY I HOPE YOU DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH!!! yep that's pretty much sums it up. 
  15. มิกซ์ - Katy Perry - Firework: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGJuMBdaqIw&list=RDQGJuMBdaqIw
  16. Katy Perry - Firework: http://youtu.be/QGJuMBdaqIw
  17. Pasan y pasan los años y yo sigo viendo y escuchando este hermoso video TwT 
  18. Damn, half a billion views for this garbage? You'll never see those sorta numbers for REAL music.
  19. God created AIDS to kill the fags. Repent, sinners, lest ye be damned to hell. 
  20. Your a Firework!!
  21. Her tits are always shooting stuff. Fireworks here, whip cream! What's next?
  22. Katy Perry - Firework: http://youtu.be/QGJuMBdaqIw I like Katy Perry
  23. This is dumb and promotes stupidity. Katy Perry is a slut also, wtf.
  24. *lanzo fuegos artificales y todos salen a ver* vengan a cantar conmigo amigos
  25. Katy Perry - Firework: http://youtu.be/QGJuMBdaqIw