Katy Perry - Part Of Me

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Official video for Katy Perry's "Part of Me" available on 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection.' Download the single on iTunes: http://goo.gl/t4a49 Download 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection' on iTunes:http://www.iTunes.com/KatyPerry Director: Ben Mor Producer: Tony McGarry & Danny Lockwood #VEVOCertified on Sept. 19, 2012. http://youtube.com/vevocertified Music video by Katy Perry performing Part Of Me. (P) (C) 2012 Capitol Records, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Capitol Records, LLC, 1750 North Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028.

  1. sometimes after a break up i eat ice cream and play video games. i guess joining the army is kind of the same thing
  2. the moral isn't when the boy cheats on you join the army. NO! the moral is show him what you can do without him! Show him you're not weak and that you're strong!
  3. I love this song, so much. It makes me feel independent, whenever I hear it on the radio. It reminds me of people who tease me and bully me, and this song....just helps me so much. Its basically an indescribable feeling.
  4. Fuck USA !!! Biggest army but no brain - shame on war !!!
  5. don't piss off Katy Perry people! She's got an AK-47! 
  6. This song make me feel strong. I'm being bullied at my school because I'm gay. But there is a part in me who those people never gonna ever take away from me. All gays are champions, because They face daily the prejudice and They aren't afraid to be themselves.
  7. Last time I checked women don't get to see frontline combat. Good job Katy perry for not doing ANY research before doing this video. I am surprised she was able to get the correct vehicles and uniform in the video. I would have laughed if she was wearing the chocolate chip uniform. Also when in boot camp you don't say "ay ay staff sergeant" it is "ay ay mam/sir". I wish they would do some research before making these videos.
  8. I will be thinking of this song when I leave for Navy boot camp in March. 
  9. So the moral of the story is, "If you think your boy-friend is cheating on you, join the army without giving him a chance to explain! Putting yourself through hell for years and endangering your life will sure show him! " and feminists wonder why men think women are over emotional? If you are going to make a video about women in the army, why did you make it about a guy being a douche? I sure as hell hope women don't join the military to get back at their boy friends. Maybe we should call her Katy Petty because that is some pretty fucking petty motivation to join the military.
  10. Love it
  11. Katy Perry - Part Of Me: http://youtu.be/uuwfgXD8qV8
  12. this song is so catchy. i love her voice its addicting. and the lyrics are so good. I'm getting popular fast because i rap with meaning.. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet...
  13. Wow, Joining the army and going through all the pain and stress, over a, DAMN, Break UP, THAT EVERYONE DOES. Breaking up is probably happening every second of life around the world, this video, (I know its a song and just used to represent the song) but, imagine if this was real life?! They treat it like its around to toy, Soldiers Go to battle when there's battles. Its not like playing video games and eating ice cream. <--- doing that is much more fun, as i said, joining the army is very stressful, its a big step, and people who join the army, are mostly protecting their country and family. they do it out of warm hearts. they risk their lives just to protect. a Break up is a crumb compared to joining the army. once again, i know its a song for all fans of Katy Perry, but. Real Life. Imagine.
  14. Ok, if anybody outthere is just broke up or is still heart breaking and stuff, don't do this. lol Joining military because broken heart is a realyl stupid move. Just go eat things, see mivoes, play games, fuck some guys, but don't join the military, k?
  15. Yep, like it or hate it, that's the part of me.
  16. Great message: When you have nothing left in life, join the military! Fuck you, Katy Perry. Also, just a note: When this video was created, the military did not allow women to take combat roles nor did it conduct any large-scale amphibious operations such as those seen in the video. Smile for the camera, though, I guess...
  17. +Levin Kuzi i'm american i don't like war either but you could do better at saying no more war by being specific not americans in general i don't like it when people be stereotypical and +GetTheFO i'm apparently not in the majority of americans +Mahmoud Medhat i'm christian and i believe no-one wants to kill i don't even care what religion people are i'm more peaceful than most some of y'all in the argument and i'm american and i'm only a teen
  18. Katy Perry - Part Of Me: http://youtu.be/uuwfgXD8qV8
  19. Wrong women are not created equal, Some are born pretty as society wishes Some are born with diseases Some are born poor Some are born rich Some are born in war Some are born lonely Some are born happy Some are born with a caring family We are not all created equally , but one thing that does re-unite us is that we are strong! and we are proud to be called WOMEN
  20. Me encanta la canción y el videoKaty Perry - Part Of Me: http://youtu.be/uuwfgXD8qV8
  21. i wanna join the marines but i live in australia im thinking after ten years in the australian army i will go to the US and join the marines. training will be easy because of my past state within the military just have to get used to the new weapons sytems and vehicles well very little vehicles we have the same armored vehicles just past variants
  22. I can't wait till I turn 18! Then I can join the military. :)
  23. Coming from a country where women can serve same as men, i find all that shit below hilarious. In war. there is no sex. it does not matter much if your sex organs are outside or inside. when you are holding your organs in your lap and puking on em thinking that this is it... does it really matter?
  24. To all of you thinking about joining the army or marines after seeing this video, THINK that decision over, this is a propoganda video. If you get a combat role it will not be a Katy Parry song. Things will happen over there you will not forget you will see things you will not forget and combat is mentally scarring, you must be prepared to take that step in life. Combat is 1000x worse then the worse breakup, they train you yes but the stress is immense.
  25. I'll go for the ISIS not army