Kaya: "Can't Get You Out of My Mind" Official Music Video (HD)

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  1. She seems like a bitch.
  2. She looks like Alli Simpson...
  3. I don`t understand why there is so many dislikes on this? Its an okay songggg and shes not that bad of a singer?
  4. I really can't stand this new era of teenagers paying money to do some shitty song, with themselves knowing they're shit, but someway they're gonna be notice by a little crapy audience and be talked about. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I ENDED UP ON HERE.
  5. lmao o
  6. By far the worst rapper
  7. tell me what it is nao, i think i dont even know you and yo mama, boy XDDD
  8. She reminds me of this bitch in my school who cheated on her Bf and then when he broke up with her, she kept on telling everyone that he is stalking her and wants her back, even though he is already dating another bitch
  9. This one actually got a chest meaning that she's not some little girl making these crappy bubblegum pop songs
  10. who's her dad?
  11. Kaya slays tho
  12. Kayas my freakin name dude
  13. I won't lie, I love this song :)
  14. Omg she is identical to Ali Simpson I thought they were the same person
  15. She looks kinda spoiled..
  16. I've heard the song over and over, many many times! great song, even with the autotune. but I can't seem to get what she sings from 2:22-2:28, I've seen different lyric videos and they all have something different that makes no sense! it just kills me not know one part of the lyrics! anyone know this part?!
  17. She is beautiful, and a great singer, so Stop With The Hate!!
  18. she's like twelve...
  19. All you haters need to shut up! She is beautiful and a great singer she is not rebecca black! Compared to her, Kaya is like Katy Perry! So all of you shut up and leave her alone!
  20. This is such a joke. Like really she can't even sing and this song is so stupid and unoriginal. This is just downright junk! And I'm not judging her because of the ark industry either.
  21. I can't believe that people dislike these music videos just because because they are made by ark music factory. :(
  22. This video gets the award for most awkward dancing 
  23. She looks like a Barbie who got plastic surgery. 
  24. I would do this with ark but only if I could write my own song...
  25. this is a awesome song
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