Kaya: "Can't Get You Out of My Mind" Official Music Video (HD)

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  1. She seems like a bitch.
  2. She looks like Alli Simpson...
  3. lmao o
  4. This one actually got a chest meaning that she's not some little girl making these crappy bubblegum pop songs
  5. tell me what it is nao, i think i dont even know you and yo mama, boy XDDD
  6. Kaya slays tho
  7. Kayas my freakin name dude
  8. She seems like a ass
  9. She wears really short clothes.....
  10. She should instead be a model she has the voice of one and the looks 
  11. Finally a decent voice from Ark Productions
  12. She looks kinda spoiled..
  13. She looks like a Barbie who got plastic surgery. 
  14. I would do this with ark but only if I could write my own song...
  15. this is a awesome song
  16. Good Song, Stop with the hate guys!
  17. I won't lie, I love this song :)
  18. despite this being by Ark....this is actually a good song and i'm kinda scare that I said that.
  20. Am I the only one that thinks she looks like alli Simpson 
  21. This is just preppy pop shit. Why do I have to grow up in this generation.....
  22. I've heard the song over and over, many many times! great song, even with the autotune. but I can't seem to get what she sings from 2:22-2:28, I've seen different lyric videos and they all have something different that makes no sense! it just kills me not know one part of the lyrics! anyone know this part?!
  23. this song is good, i like this :D
  24. Awesome video dont listen to haters ur great at singing and dancing and u look like a 13 year old
  25. Kaya is a kind of a jam, a green color jam
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