Kaya: "Can't Get You Out of My Mind" Official Music Video (HD)

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  1. Why do you people keep calling her a bitch? It's just a music video. She's not like that in real life.
  2. She seems like a bitch.
  3. By far the worst rapper
  4. She reminds me of this bitch in my school who cheated on her Bf and then when he broke up with her, she kept on telling everyone that he is stalking her and wants her back, even though he is already dating another bitch
  5. I really can't stand this new era of teenagers paying money to do some shitty song, with themselves knowing they're shit, but someway they're gonna be notice by a little crapy audience and be talked about. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I ENDED UP ON HERE.
  6. Loling everything is auto tuned now.....,,People are stupid -__- 
  7. I actually like this song, why so many dislikes? Whats so wrong with it?
  8. She looks like Alli Simpson...
  9. I am very ashamed that I would listen to this shit in middle school... *shudder*
  10. Everyone saying she auto tuned and shiz maybe u should take a looks at her other videos she sings quite beautiful Plus also haters, I would love to see u try d something good like this 
  11. I know that ARK productions has shitty music and shitty people that want to become singers. I mean Kaya right now isn't very famous. Popular kids at my school has more followers than her on Instagram. I have more followers than her!
  12. Just realised this video is a complete rip off of Inna - 10 minutes!
  13. She's the only one who's talented from ARK.
  14. Throwback ! This video came out in 2010 !
  15. she dose and beep that guy
  16. She reminds me of a angry marshmellow
  17. ur such a great SINGER ;D
  18. This one actually got a chest meaning that she's not some little girl making these crappy bubblegum pop songs
  19. Eta povinho recalcado!!! O clipe é legal, a voz da menina é bonita, ela é bonita. Não estou vendo nada de puta nesse clipe. Vocês são tudo um bando de problemático.
  20. why do you insult her? you don't know who really she is. stop insults you're all envious.
  21. better than the other ark songs
  22. Total daneben. Mist Gülle Schrott.
  23. She's actually a pretty good singer, its just this song was bad.. mainly because ARK produced it
  24. fucking cum whore
  25. This should be called I can't get my hand off my hip. 
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