Kazakh Song - Aqtamaq 美丽的姑娘

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Video - Ili / Xinjiang / China Audio - Aqtamaq / The Pretty Girl / Kazakh Song Lyrics - Kazakhstan songwriter Qanabek Beyseyitov Music - Sadyq Karimbayev Singer - Ayimsa Niyaz 阿依木尼莎·尼亚孜

  1. So fantastic song with exciting!
  2. A beautiful song sang by a magnificent voice! Thank u for sharing. 
  3. I love to listen to various songs from the varied minority ethnics 少数民族 incl. the folk songs of Kazakh people 哈萨克... the folk songs or those songs having the roots in the folk songs are charming and showing richness in life! Btw talking about the folk songs of the Western Regions 西域, one should remember about the monumental works of *Wang Luobin 王洛宾*, he is the *Father of Chinese Folk -- King of China's Western Folk Music.* Read further about him here: 三音并起,三美女共奏一曲《在那遥远的地方》于红梅(二胡)、赵聪(琵琶)、陈悦(笛子)
  4. Kazakhstan, where is she??? Miss her much
  5. Oh, my homeland, my green grass land, mening jaylauim, saharam goy, Alla bergen, kaytip bizge kelersing.
  6. Nice song! 非常自然淳朴的哈萨克民歌!
  7. @RojaVivian 我是住在香港的.
  8. 每次听到这首歌都很感动,感谢上传!
  9. @MadMusicologist1 I am fascinated by ancient and folk music. I'm glad I came upon your response to: Kazakh Song - Aqtamaq / The Pretty Girl. Thanx,
  10. I am exactly this place where those landscape shown on this video.
  11. O food grief, where have I been all along on the Silk Road? Thanks 4 posting, kwwkwwkw. Blessings from Samarqand.
  12. tek kotu sey arapca baska dilden yazilmis diller turkcu neden yazilmadi
  13. very good music !!
  14. eto vawwe ne kazakhi prosto blizki dialekt
  15. It is kulja, ile region where major kazakhs live in china, xinjiang province.
  16. This is very nice song, rich and original
  17. 真好听!
  18. Any ideas where I might be able to find out?
  19. Do Kazakh songs traditionally employ harmony, or is that a modernism?
  20. Lai lai lai
  21. 非常好听 !!O(∩_∩)O哈哈~
  22. it sounds a bit strange for Kazakhstan Kazakh people((
  23. marvelous good song
  24. Be so proud!
  25. 不好意思,有没有同张唱片里的《我的大嫂》, 歌中那大嫂爽朗的笑声,令人怀念。 谢谢