Miss A "Bad Girl, Good Girl"

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Music Mondays review a new Kpop song every week. This week is Miss A Bad Girl, Good Girl Shot on a Canon 550d, Tokina 11-16mm, and Edited in Final Cut Pro and Motion --Translated by-- [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~*: http://nixmin82.tistory.com/

  1. omg the old layout.
  2. ah simon and your naked face lool
  3. Why can't they go back to how they were?? I'm sad at the huge format change :(
  4. so... This was the 1st music monday... oh man! all started here
  5. tara
  6. Wow!The very first KMM was uploaded on my birthday! I feel honored :)
  7. I think they've been one of the most consistent web series type channel, personally. Their humor and interesting perspective/commentary have been really good from the beginning and still are, even if there are some format changes :) One of my fave channels that's great to watch from their oldest to their newest videos! 
  8. Do rewiew of GEE from Girls generation. Please!!! :D
  9. SOOOOOO this is where it all started
  10. Oh monday music started here!
  11. hehe I love you guys!! watching a bunch of your old videos cuz I'm feeling sentimental :")
  12. I heard there was a censorship issue with having "shut up" in the song. The recording on the album has "shut up" but the official MV and music show performances have "shut off".
  13. Omg I have that shirt ^.^
  14. I miss the old EatYourKimchi opening!
  15. The difference between Simons voice is HUGE, maybe all the fanboying made his voice higher
  16. I see thank you! :3
  17. Make me a SAMICH
  18. She Loves pink hair, who would have realized... (200 episodes later she had pink hair x)) )
  19. 3 minutes and 28 seconds... and now they're all over 10 minutes long! <3
  20. under 4 minutes... wow...
  21. I can't believe you've only been doing this for 3 years. It seems so much longer!
  22. Wow...Martina only has pink stuff here...Now, Martina has pink hair... Way to go Jia! <3
  23. Wow! I didn't realize how much EKY's MMs changed over the years. Your anniversary is in a month.
  25. I've noticed that Korean prepositional phrases don't translate well to English. For instance, when they want you out of their car, they say "get off"(soooo nasty!) instead of "get out." And they use "in the mountain" to refer to things that are actually ON the mountain. The whole "shut up/shut off" thing might be another case of this. Disclaimer: This conclusion reached by observing subtitles to Korean dramas. As with any work in translation, your mileage may vary.