Kris Allen reveals new single "The Vision of Love" via a pictionary game with his friends

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Originally posted on Kris Allen's WhoSay page here: This video is uploaded to YouTube for the sole purpose of promoting the video and Kris' new single to those who have trouble viewing WhoSay's videos. No profit is being made by me. You should follow Kris Allen on his Twitter: Kris Allen's official YouTube channel is: Kris Allen's official Facebook page is:

  1. @heartlessface - Yes and fishin' for pugs - hah, only Kris can make that rhyme with vision of love! Awwwwww this is the best thing ever. Kris always does such cool things for us. <3 <3 <3 And I love that his friends are such good sports about it. This video = L.O.V.E.
  2. I love Harry Potter and Kris Allen.
  3. Too cute! Love these guys!
  4. Kris is adorable.
  5. 2:17 - Kris said: " You guys are kidding me, right?" I heard that....but I'm not sure at all, it was sounds like make sence...someone can confirm that for me???
  6. uber cute
  7. Kris is surrounded with FUN friends. God bless all of them.
  8. @k3vinlee dont worry!...Kris said he make music that not because the 1st or get the highest position on billboard. And I dont care about that either. I'm happy with everything Kris did with his music.
  9. Only these guys will think that those eyes are avocadoes! Haha
  10. I wish someone can show to me the sub....because my eng is not good for understand clearly. SOMEBODY..HELPPPP...PLEEASSSEE!!!!
  11. I want what those guys were smoking. LOL Great video guys! <3
  12. lol u guys are really stupid
  13. ugh March 26th is the same day Bieber's single is out. :( I'm worried for Kris.
  14. Hahaha! A+
  15. kris allen seems especially adorable in this video. im just saying! (:
  16. He's hot! Love him and his music.
  17. @heartlessface what?? are you tearing it???
  18. let's all stand for the vision of love !!
  19. "Harry Potter loves avocados!" :D :D :D "You guys are so stupid" "I think you're not really tryin!" OMG this so adorkable and funny. Love Kris and his friends. <3 But yeah I wish we would get VOL sooner. I just want to be able to throw money his way.
  20. @heartlessface i'm pretty sure he says "you guys aren't gonna get it, are you?" :D
  21. @zenvirgil yes, that's right. I dont know that melodies from a song or..from Kris's band...I dont know but it's comfortable and great.
  22. @nahyhr hahaha...I couldn't stop laughing because "Harry Potter love avocados" was so so so funny guessing
  23. @heartlessface hahahah no problem! :)
  24. beside....Cale's so handsome without mustache.
  25. @marylao90 oh, thanks! my ears was totally wrong! ^_^ ah...could you help me one more's 1:43 ...I cant find out what did John say.."what! why......" I'm doing sub. :>