Kris Allen Reveals New Song Name

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American Idol Alum, Kris Allen talks about new music and his new album he's been working on. He even exclusively gives Hollywire the name of one of the tracks off the album. Ok, so we had to kinda dig deep, but the interview for an exclusive Kris Allen music update!

  1. Yay! Details! :D
  2. Love Kris! Come to Europe Kris!
  3. love Kris!!!! the interviewer is very good :)
  4. Great job! No one can get a scoop from Kris Allen, so thank you!!!
  5. Yay! Soulful!
  6. Cute!
  7. Thanks for that scoop!
  8. Good interview!
  9. Thank you for getting information from Kris! It's rare skill amongst interviewers and really appreciated ;)
  10. He's so cute. I love him.
  11. kris is just AMAZING!