Lady GaGa - Just Dance (The Dome 47)(HD Live)

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Lady GaGa - Just Dance

  1. What happen to her?
  2. this age will return!!... :') monster 4ever
  3. People just knew there that she was gonna get legendary!
  4. just dance gonna be okay cant read my poker face lets play a love game pa-pa-pa-pa-razzi want your bad romace stop telephonin' meeee dont call me name alejanro i was born this way im in love with judas baby! im on the edge of glory yeah! there's something about baby you and i im gonna marry the night i live for the applause-applause-applause SO DO WHAT U WANT, WHAT U WANT WITH MY BODY <
  5. i love this hair...she just like kpop STAR
  6. woooooooooooooooooooo
  7. Lady Gaga - Just Dance (The Dome 47)
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  9. Dance Sex Art Pop Tech <3
  10. I wonder, where did she left all that energy she used to have while perfroming! I hate Lady gaga's last perfromances.
  11. so cute ^^
  12. amazing
  13. lets dance
  14. we did a great concert +Lady Gaga 
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  18. JUST DANCE Lady GaGa - Just Dance (The Dome 47)(HD Live)
  19. la weona rica :$
  20. Now....moving like that, always singing live, no matter how tiring or difficult that might be, always coming up with original ideas, being perfectly comfortable to get on a stage with thousands (maybe millions) of spectators and giving her 100%...she was born to be doing this....that's a true "Diva"
  21. when i see Gagas performances i feel like i was present
  22. 2:20 The crowd is like going insane <3
  23. Just Dance ..완전 제 취향!! ^^ 좋아요.비트가 살아움직이다!!