Lady GaGa - Just Dance (The Dome 47)(HD Live)

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Lady GaGa - Just Dance

  1. What happen to her?
  2. People just knew there that she was gonna get legendary!
  3. just dance gonna be okay cant read my poker face lets play a love game pa-pa-pa-pa-razzi want your bad romace stop telephonin' meeee dont call me name alejanro i was born this way im in love with judas baby! im on the edge of glory yeah! there's something about baby you and i im gonna marry the night i live for the applause-applause-applause SO DO WHAT U WANT, WHAT U WANT WITH MY BODY <
  4. i love this hair...she just like kpop STAR
  5. woooooooooooooooooooo
  6. Lady Gaga - Just Dance (The Dome 47)
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  8. Dance Sex Art Pop Tech <3
  9. I wonder, where did she left all that energy she used to have while perfroming! I hate Lady gaga's last perfromances.
  10. so cute ^^
  11. amazing
  12. lets dance
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  17. JUST DANCE Lady GaGa - Just Dance (The Dome 47)(HD Live)
  18. la weona rica :$
  19. Now....moving like that, always singing live, no matter how tiring or difficult that might be, always coming up with original ideas, being perfectly comfortable to get on a stage with thousands (maybe millions) of spectators and giving her 100%...she was born to be doing this....that's a true "Diva"
  20. when i see Gagas performances i feel like i was present
  21. 2:20 The crowd is like going insane <3
  22. Just Dance ..완전 제 취향!! ^^ 좋아요.비트가 살아움직이다!!
  23. she put it down....!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh