Latin Music

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  1. could any kind souls tell me the title of this song?
  2. @jumbagalo Since you're not giving credit to the Puerto Ricans, I WILL DO IT!!! Raggaeton is from Puerto Rico and though Salsa originated in Cuba, the Puerto Ricans made it popular and are the best at it!!!! They also promoted merengue when it was dying and brought it back to life. I'm not Puerto Rican, but give credit where credit is due you dumb ass.
  3. does anyone know the title of this song?
  4. @CazadorDeZopencos haha lolz
  5. Retarded & resentful anti-Spain white-hating brown "Latin" American troll pretending to be a "redneck" aleady exposed a bunch of times I I I I v
  6. Que gracioso... no saben bailar.
  7. Um for the message on the bottom is NOT TRUE!! CAuse first of all Salsa started In CUBA!!! And Merengue is FROM DOMINICAN RUPIBLIC!!! And Reggeaton is originally from Panama!!!!
  8. si no me equivoco la musica seria cumbia pero no sè si es peruana o argentina!!!!!!!!!!
  9. this must be from Argentina or Mexico cause this is a disgrace to latin music, true great latin music is found on Puerto Rico. Good Salsa, Good Merengue, and Good reggeaton.
  10. Wonderful music! I love it.
  11. es cumbia billera, y si pertenece a la musica latina, solo que esta musica se eschucha en peru, bolivia, argentina y chile, es del estremo sur de america....
  12. @metallatin "good reggeaton", that's an oximoron
  13. @ProudConfederateMan Hey, you racist dumb fk, learn about history before you decide to comment about it. I could go on and explain it to you but why waste my time with ignorant people like you. Oh and by the way, we come in all different colors, we are not brownies, how would you like to be called "Pinkies" ?
  14. bien ahi, paso uno con la camiseta de argentina, que capo
  15. jajajja zarpadoo!las mujeres se quieren hacer la aumentacion brasilera de la cola son unas chatas y sin sabor!
  16. jajaja me imagino q las personas q se ven en el video q no saben bailar son los gringos no? jaja bien chistosos los gringos para bailar musica latina mas risa es verlos bailar salsa jajajaja
  17. Musica latina no es necesariamente salsa...musica latina es en general cuaqluier genero latino...creado x latinos....como cumbia, salsa , merengue, bachata, vallenatos, rancheras,mambo , cha cha cha, son cubano, reguetoon, pasillos,etc etc... todo en general...y eso es cumbia peruana. saludos
  18. I hope you guys know this is not Latin music Latin are really white people in race and culture they are French Romanian and Italian the Spaniards were not even really Latin they are a Gypsyy Arab Latin creole people not trully Latin. So you brownies are fooling yourselfs