Lebanese Beauty singing Hindi song

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Icelandic beauties dancing on bollywood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGd0VDZwpKQ A beautiful Lebanese girl singing hindi songs at a party arranged at the house of Mr. Tewari in Beirut, Lebanon

  1. beautiful face with sweet a voice. 
  2. They are Indian, not Lebanese. Anyone can see that.
  3. beautiful both you and your voice
  4. Lebanon people from long history and trade have a lot of connection with all Mediterainean coastal nations ( Europe and North Africa). Both commerce and racial intermingling. Handsome people
  5. Tewari indian family not pakis.
  6. there are dark Lebanese and white Lebanese and they love Indian movies, actors and songs...tell me about it i have a Lebanese friend she is nuts about the actors
  7. enjoy be my friend?
  8. What's the name of this song she sings?
  9. not to love but f**k lesbian gals
  10. wat a beautyyyyyy..........
  11. is their any connection between lebnese and lasbians ,,,i always get confused
  12. she's hottt
  13. lool DARAAK DAARAAK!!!!!!???????? loooool
  14. Vary goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood nice song?
  15. that seemed the best part of the video! lol :P
  16. wallha tum kya husn hoti...hum tum ko apna 14va begum banati aur haram mein rakhti
  17. very good very good awwesome song
  18. RACIST !
  19. very good singing in hindi, keep it up
  20. @rockyprime U don't know about India.
  21. @vik2008USA चिलगोजे कुर्मानी में मोहतरमा का शोहर हूँ, ज़रा मुलाहेज़ा फरमाए....... उनके हुस्न से मोहबत का दरया सा बहता है जैसे फासलों में बर्फ गिर रही हो रगिस्तान की ढंडी रेत पर चाँद चमक ता सा है जैसे उनके नूर से कायनात चमक रही हो
  22. Great and respect!
  23. as usual being obnoxious.
  24. She is very pretty and she has a good singing voice!! Fantastic
  25. abey q kisi bacche ki pitayi krne par tulaa h bacche ki jaa lega kya