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THIS IS FOR BOY34154'S CONTEST BY34154- subscribe to him and me!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Lego ? 
  2. Pretty good, but not as good as mine :P
  3. It needs noise and talking 
  4. Lame
  5. josh cameron i agree 
  6. he actually maid a good vid but he quit do you think hes dead
  7. I did not like this.
  8. gd affects and y do u have a orange monster in it STRANGE WIRED AND GAY
  9. that was crap
  10. took along time right? nice animation :)
  11. when u make a stope motion don`t move in and out of the light it makes the photo go light dark light dark
  12. Tote
  13. boring
  14. y no sound
  15. good job looks like you found your way to brick arms : )
  16. @Boy34154 thanks again! lol!
  17. what did you put on the dead peoples heads
  18. Really? The car hardly looks like it's moving. You suck
  19. nice movie
  20. No talking in the video
  21. retard
  22. Shit
  23. cool vid dude
  24. cool but i whis there where more stuneds
  25. nice!