Linkin Park - Faint (live @ Transformers 2 premiere)

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Linkin Park - Faint (live @ Transformers 2 premiere) Westwood, CA, Outside Mann's Village Theater

  2. Check out my scream cover of this song in my channel)
  3. Great rapping, rubbish vocals, he isn't using the proper 'scream' effect linking park uses in most of the songs
  4. Also the drummer and guitarist need to cut their hair, they look better with short hair
  5. 1:29 near the legs of Joe. look! WTF!?
  6. Chester is perfect -fap-
  7. @LambofgodsTheNailer Lol what a djerk haha! he must have been throwed againts the floor as child, maybe that explain why he is so dumb hahaha ;)
  8. Shinoda sounds very good in this, but Chester sounds off..... probably something with the recording
  9. the way chester scream, im concern for his health
  10. lol no but i am Catholic. so i guess i wouldn't kill to see them. hahah :)
  11. really? upload a video with you screaming and message me when you're done ;)!
  12. linkin park chester bennington scream is better than mr shaw.? a7x..
  13. เจ๋งโคตร :)
  14. Lol Brad shaved :D...btw he looks handsome is this :D
  15. thumbs for the asian DJ !!!!
  16. the ending is epic
  17. caralho muito pica o chester
  18. My screams...are much better. But none the less I love Chester, I just have a better growl than him.
  19. WOAH ! He Screams More Than My Mom !
  20. Wow It's Good. The Scream was the Best.. :)
  21. .....
  22. @fakill911 idk 0.o
  23. @DaFiReX dude, they are not losing there touch! I just saw them live at philips arena 5 months ago and they sounded perfect. The crowd was wild, you could barely hear Chester screaming cause of the crowd! Chester can still scream, Mike can still rap, the whole band still sounds amazing. Linkin Park's new music is still great, just a different style. All bands have to change there music though, or it would be the same thing! Just cause they change there music style doesn't make them worse...
  24. ㅁㅊ 공연장가면 소리엄청 크겠다~
  25. @DaFiReX no it is just they are changing their style and thats good because thats the linking park we know always changing
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