Lloyd Banks - On Fire (Explicit)

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Music video by Lloyd Banks performing On Fire. (C) 2004 G Unit/Interscope Records

  1. Why so many fucking dislikes? MOFO need 2 get killed who disliked this.
  2. WOW! Can you believe that they won't even play music with beats like this on the radio or lyrics like this. SMH This compared to that Hannah Montana stuff is crazy
  3. wtf? I thought 50 cent made this.
  4. Back when g-unit was the ishh #AGF 
  5. For real i miss seein that, 50, Banks, Yayo, Buck an Game together
  6. Fuck you hater you got a problem...you suck bitch
  7. Lloyd was 21 on 2004....so was i ;D and i LOVED all the gangster songs of that year! now im almost 31...10yrs later and i still love this!!! <3
  8. On fire
  10. I miss g unit.
  11. Me too on fier
  12. old skool now! 
  13. 2.319 dislikes ? why ?
  14. The beat is craaaaaaaaaazy
  15. Check out my boy Swoosher Sweet, he good, give him a chance, check his shit out. Link >>>> soundcloud.com/swooshersweet‎
  16. 3:07 GAAAANGSTA
  17. from 0:12 voice of fucking great rapper!
  18. Can't believe Eminem produced this, fire ass beat.
  19. Napster,download,burn,car,late night cruise..........those were the days
  20. The titties on the still image of this video keeps bringing me here
  21. Lol, I just came <:3
  22. 1:18.... drake copied that bar lol
  23. nigga what u say
  24. Em kills it better in only a short 30 second freestyle