Lloyd Banks - On Fire (Explicit)

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Music video by Lloyd Banks performing On Fire. (C) 2004 G Unit/Interscope Records

  1. Back when Rap was good, this is a hot ass track!
  2. nobody could even touch these guys when they were together..why cant there be beats like this anymore? :( I'd pay for an old school g unit reunion!!
  3. MTV and BET played the hell out of this joint back in 2004. 
  4. fucked so many white bitches to this lol 
  5. TO ALL WHO CALL LIL WAYNE IS RAPER he is little bitch and THIS IS RAP !
  6. Why so many fucking dislikes? MOFO need 2 get killed who disliked this.
  7. Best rapper of the Unit. Fiddy is still Fif but this kid was way under-rated. His beats are fire.
  8. Lloyd Banks - On Fire (Explicit): http://youtu.be/GjTR6ONPJ_s
  9. Lloyd Banks - On Fire (Explicit): http://youtu.be/GjTR6ONPJ_s
  10. 'Im only 21, sittin on mills'
  11. 10,700+ likes 2,6900+ dislikes
  12. On Fire from Lloyd Banks first solo album The Hunger for More #HipHop #Rappers #Rap #Musician #HipHopMusic #MusicArtist #Music
  13. wake up G unit u work for nwo, you are voice of the system. U are not warriors ! Warriors do War, u are really far from war ! wake up !
  14. More Fire for you all today... Lloyd Banks - On Fire (Explicit): http://youtu.be/GjTR6ONPJ_s
  15. Im about to be a made Man
  16. This song its FIRE
  17. lioyd...................
  18. dislike the people dont have any idea of rap & hiphop
  19. how can people hate this?
  20. 10 years ago but still betta then this new hip hop song.. look g unit on warrior teaser !! (old g unit) dope
  21. The fuck is up with the dislikes? Gayme and his fuck squad been creating multiple accounts tryin' to take down Banks or something lol. This here just fuel for the G Unit machinery tho
  22. With fine ass bitches
  23. That when we New York was still on top