Lloyd Banks - On Fire (Explicit)

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Music video by Lloyd Banks performing On Fire. (C) 2004 G Unit/Interscope Records

  1. Why so many fucking dislikes? MOFO need 2 get killed who disliked this.
  2. 10 years ago but still betta then this new hip hop song.. look g unit on warrior teaser !! (old g unit) dope
  3. Lloyd Banks - On Fire (Explicit): http://youtu.be/GjTR6ONPJ_s
  4. dislike the people dont have any idea of rap & hiphop
  5. MTV and BET played the hell out of this joint back in 2004. 
  6. king 2014 \O/
  7. Best rapper of the Unit. Fiddy is still Fif but this kid was way under-rated. His beats are fire.
  8. G-UNOT!!!
  9. Back when g-unit was the ishh #AGF 
  10. "Only the best music" is here and this song was and is a great jam. I give it a like for sure.
  11. Sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. wtf? I thought 50 cent made this.
  13. my mp3, this song and i'm like a gangsta in 2007
  14. Maybe cos Im old but these goons will always have legendary status to me Kids dont realise how fucking big the Unit and 50 were in those first few years man.... You couldnt even turn on the radio without hearing about 5 50/G Unit songs per hour They were white hot.... Maybe cos of Eminem a little bit, but they also had sick beats and everyone was saying 50 was the next Pac Grateful for those memories man... G Unit for life, even if I outgrew rap
  15. The song is catchy...but the chicks in this video haven't got the moves! Moves are what the chicks from Akon's "Smack That" have got.
  16. lloyd banks has more hits than yyo and buck lol
  17. i swear every single day m listening this song
  18. @surlalune
  19. lioyd...................
  20. why so many dislikes???
  21. Tmav li n>
  22. wake up G unit u work for nwo, you are voice of the system. U are not warriors ! Warriors do War, u are really far from war ! wake up !
  23. how the fuck does this song have so many dislikes? IT'S FIRE!!!!!
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