Loona - Vamos a la playa OFFICIAL VIDEO

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  1. I like this♥
  2. Let's go to the beach I like to dance The rhythm of the night The sound of the party... Inspiring lyrics right there
  3. W2s bought me here
  4. the will kill kill the next who says W2O brought me! we get it!
  5. Who or what is w2s?
  6. W2S
  7. W2S brought me here!!! WOOOOO!!!!!
  8. Remember when nadeshot brought everyone here?
  9. Wroetoshaw anyone ?
  10. is it bad when in a song i only really like the chorus?
  11. Nice video. The backing music is alright as well
  12. Wow so many views just because of W2s... -_-
  14. 2:03 ibrahimovic?
  15. w2s army
  16. Is harry in this video replies plz
  17. wow how people can like this shit o_O
  18. #Teddygames 
  19. She's got amazing boobs :O
  20. like if your here because of w2s
  21. Am i the only one who can't beleive she's 40 years old?
  22. today its the birthday of this video!! 7 on april!! Felicidadees!
  23. She might be singing Spanish. But she really is Dutch! Haha!
  24. I think everyone who commented came from W2S's channel!
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