Loona - Vamos a la playa OFFICIAL VIDEO

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  1. .....un po di brioooo.....buona serata ....
  2. like si vienes por alguien
  3. vine por el rubius , ksy JAJA
  4. What is the other language besides English?
  5. Anyone here because of W2S?
  6. Earth is overpopulated, overexploited and overpolluted. We have to decrease, consume better and reforest for a living planet.
  7. Who is that girl at 0:37?
  8. C'est super j'adort regarder
  9. DjMaRiiO!!!!!
  10. K so there is a Spanish shakira and she loves the beach where people get horny and get herpies why??? It makes me think. That the fat nerds watching this are like shxt I want to have s3x on the back I am a fatass nerd so I know this fealling and a pit to much kissing. B00bs and bootays yea....... Let's leave this to the rave horny sex people lol the song is great but the vid THOU. I know how some people want to do this kinda stuff on the beach, but consider all the infections and desises yu get from woohooing on the beach. -a message from furret lover
  11. Péripatétiprostipute ? Nan j'dec , je kiff cette musique !! French is the best language.
  12. Am I the only person why I liked this Video mostly because there is a bunch of HOT girls?!?!
  13. Vamos a la playa, a mi me gusta bailar. Means Let's go to the beach, I really like to dance. Lol lol lol lol
  14. Bailar means to dance
  15. Came here because , mylifeaseva anyone 💁🙈🙊😄💩
  16. To aqui por causa do Teddy
  17. consternant... mais quand t'as bu c'est pas mal XD
  18. Sortez vos maillots les filles, j'arrive à la playa du Havre!!! lol
  19. Wroetoshaw
  20. still better love story than twilight
  21. lol wroetoshaw
  22. how exactly? he looked at a girl and smiled=gay?
  23. 70% music + 30% porn = 100 song I like the song o . O
  24. Meh man Harry!!!!!
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