"Love You Like a Love Song" by Selena Gomez, cover by CIMORELLI

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Our "Made in America" EP is now available on iTunes! Download HERE: http://smarturl.it/CimorelliMadeinAEPiT :) In celebration of 400,000 subscribers, we thought we'd upload a song that describes how we feel about you guys. :) Hair, makeup, and costumes were all inspired by Selena Gomez's video for this song. Lisa and Christina had way too much fun arranging and recording this song in Logic, and Lisa took off in a whole new direction in Final Cut on the video editing. We just had way too much fun with this, and we hope you all like it! :) http://cimorellimusic.com http://facebook.com/cimorelliband http://twitter.com/cimorelliband

  1. Greattt cover !!!!
  2. Laurens suit tho Katherine's suit tho
  3. Katherine.... why? 😂
  4. Lisa looks like Selena Gomez... She´s so beautiful!!!! I love Lisa and Lauren voice!!!
  5. lisa and dani are so beatiful :D
  7. Love lisas voice 
  8. cimorelli should do oath by cher lloyd
  9. amazing cover i love the costumes lol love this video :)
  10. My favorite one is amy
  11. me encanto
  12. I watch this video all the time love and lauren is my favorite and dani ☺😊😀😁😂😃😛😜
  13. LAUREN Best Costume :D <3
  14. Lisa looks like selena gomez so much and she is the beautifulest girl through the group
  15. Like the Song
  16. sooo much better than the original
  17. kathrine look like a....guy?
  18. danie is sweet
  19. Amys costume is amyazing cimorelli puns 
  20. Lauren :D <3 <3 
  21. this is my favorite song you made. i like how you put the costumes that the put in the real video. i also like the begining. i think it was really cool. you are my favorite band
  22. Katherine Lol 
  23. Say "I" if you have a IPad
  24. Lisa looks like Mila Kunis in this video.
  25. that is the outfits that selena wore in the music video
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