Lynn Linton-RIP- A Hauntingly Beautiful Song

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joel samuel's vault from his show backstage pass television show in Arizona circa 1989 - Lynn's hauntingly beautiful voice and look's has made this such a compelling video. It shows a depth that comes from anguish & longing and was recorded live by joel samuel back in 1989 She died of leukemia and will be missed. (My Neptune site is no longer valid since my YouTube! ) Tell Your Friends and welcome to my show! Joel Samuel

  1. The music just makes her story just that much more sad. But instead of leaving this world without a mark, she did leave a piece of history that will live on long after her passing. For you to have the foresight to record these many 100s of hours of video is unreal. I grew up in this era and looking at your video list and seeing the names of bands I have long forgotten just really takes me back. To say your collection is valuable is an understatement.
  2. the song is called CARRY ME HOME, btw. I played it with her a bunch.
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