M.I.A. - Paper Planes

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Music video by M.I.A. performing Paper Planes. (C) 2007 XL Recordings Ltd. under exclusive license to Interscope Records

  1. WTF is this song about?
  2. Don't you just love songs that obviously steal from other songs? Way to steal from The Clash you stupid elephant scrubbing cunt.
  3. Paper planes M.I.A love this song keeps me calm and happy 
  4. Best party song of all time. 
  5. Hi, I'm back! I dropped off youtube a while. I overdosed and got detained in a hospital for months. They told me I actually died and they brought me back. If all these people are gonna put all this effort into tearing me down, then wtf are you gonna revive me for? You know what I'm like. I'm not happy about getting ripped off for years. I've had a lot of hits and shouldn't be poor like this. I'm furious. My fans love to put millions of views on my songs, but you guys need to help me get paid. I'm too skinny. I don't get to eat. But I sure as hell am not going to risk my life at construction anymore and I'm not going to work all day on music so that someone can steal everything I earn. Yo, MIA. I know you're gonna read this eventually ( hopefully ). Tell the record companies I need to eat. I can bring us back to the top of the pops, but I'm starving out here. I refuse to work for anyone until I get paid.
  6. My cat brought me here
  7. People always ask why this song became so popular out of a sudden . Easy it was in 2 very popular movies, 1 of them cleaning house at the academy Awards, so its kinda hard for this song that was playing in two key montage sequences in both movies to not become a hit after these upon their releases. Very much like The Cardigans - Lovefool know one knew who those artist were before the Romeo & Juliet movie came out. They were just a Swedish band only known in their country and thensome just like M.I.A .
  8. This Is the End brought me here. Bff ff ff!!!
  9. this song is catchy. i like her voice in this, its so different from what you hear thee days. video is dope. I'm getting popular quick because i rap about life.. thumbs up if you love weed
  10. Why the HELL did it take her this long to get all of the attention Underated
  11. We pack and deliver like UPS .....
  12. This comments for people who keep asking what it's about, if you already know then just keep scrolling down. She's basically saying she wants to kill people, take their money, and get high during the summer. Sounds fun right?
  13. Far Cry 3 <3 Sigue siendo inmenso aunque ya haya salido el 4
  14. quit trying to be ganster and rap about tea and cricket or something.
  15. The search bar brought me here. 
  16. When I first heard this song on the radio I thought the person singing it was chinese or something like that LOL my ignorance as a child
  17. anyone else came here after finding out it's the theme tune of far cry 3?
  18. Am I the only one who came here for the gunshot sounds?
  19. Farcry 3 brought me here
  20. 5 years searching this song to find out that it was uploaded in my birthday, simply awesome
  21. I dont like her but this song is my shiiiiit! She is deff better than nicki and those people 
  22. I dare you to Listen to (The Clash-Straight to hell) I Don't know why she doesn't give The Clash some credit for ripping them off.
  23. Bruh, I've been knowing this song since I was like 10 
  24. This song reminds me of Pineapple Express but I forget why...
  25. Using gunshots and cocking guns in the song was... Interesting. Anyway, isn't this song about drug peddling and scamming for money? Well, basically being in a gang? And fuck Far Cry for burning this song into my head.