M.I.A. - Paper Planes

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Music video by M.I.A. performing Paper Planes. (C) 2007 XL Recordings Ltd. under exclusive license to Interscope Records

  1. I was in 8th grade when this came out. All I remember doing in 8th grade was playing cod4 and listening to this song a billion times. I miss my youth.
  2. Am I weird for liking this song?._.
  3. Anyone else spot Mike D and Ad-Rock @ 2:52?
  4. 2:50 damn that dude is black as fuck
  5. Weird how this song didn't become popular until 2008 in the US.
  6. M.I.A. Paper planes
  7. God this came out when I was in 7th grade. 
  8. slumdog millionaire :D
  9. far cry 3 anyone?
  10. This song is sampled from the greatest band to walk the earth. The Clash. Songs called Straight To Hell. Thought I'd say something since no one has a damn clue. R.I.P Joe Strummer
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewRjZoRtu0Y AT91 2025 6000 0150 5957 invest in #gypsycab - we dont wanna steal anymore. see ya. in vienna. milo
  12. The good old days...
  13. I came because of the movie this is the end. who else did?
  14. Best party song of all time. 
  15. That food truck would not pass food inspection police
  16. One of the most annoying songs. But soooo catchy!!!
  17. i found this song back in early 2010, and no one believes me :(
  18. Lol so drunk I thought this was the search bar
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewRjZoRtu0Y&index=131&list=PLQCylr4POuMBfIs3rOAfIDMpn3qS48fXa 
  20. Has any one noticed the best songs came out in 2009?
  21. Sounds like a female version of Ali G.
  22. This song reminds me of tropical thrillseaking because of Far Cry 3, but only because tropical islands and thrillseaking are my idea of heaven... I want to go there so bad it hurts.
  23. So, what is this song exactly about?
  24. "Let's Talk About Chic's Man"
  25. Does ANYBODY know what this song is about? Sure, it is a good song to dance to, it's one of my personal favorite songs, but she is basically singing about murdering people and taking their money.