M.I.A. - Paper Planes

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Music video by M.I.A. performing Paper Planes. (C) 2007 XL Recordings Ltd. under exclusive license to Interscope Records

  1. 2009? Daaanngg song brings back memories!! I love it!! #2015
  2. Terrible meaning/lyrics but Fuck the song is soooo Catchy!
  3. this came out 8 years ago? what the fuck???
  4. M.I.A. - Paper Planes: http://youtu.be/ewRjZoRtu0Y
  5. literally love youtube because I keep finding the videos for songs I've heard all my life but not knowing what the names of them were! 
  6. Weird how this song didn't become popular until 2008 in the US.
  7. Why is this so addictive!?
  8. Holy crap this gives me crazy flashbacks. I want to go back
  9. This song reminds me of Pineapple Express more than it does Far Cry 3 
  10. Anyone else spot Mike D and Ad-Rock @ 2:52?
  11. Am I weird for liking this song?._.
  12. 2:50 damn that dude is black as fuck
  13. This song is about a person who gets high while making sandwiches 
  14. This song is sampled from the greatest band to walk the earth. The Clash. Songs called Straight To Hell. Thought I'd say something since no one has a damn clue. R.I.P Joe Strummer
  15. God this came out when I was in 7th grade. 
  16. לילה טוב אנשים .... מלא בחיוכים :)
  17. I see one more Far Cry 3 comment on this page, and I'm punching someone in the throat.
  18. What is this song about ?
  19. This comments for people who keep asking what it's about, if you already know then just keep scrolling down. She's basically saying she wants to kill people, take their money, and get high during the summer. Sounds fun right?
  20. Straight to hell boy..... Oh sorry wrong song.
  22. She is quite ugly for an Indian bitch. People always ask me is she black is she black. She is not black and African decent. She is of Indian decent. 
  23. I'd vote MIA to be the next President of the USA
  25. I just read a chain on here and it's messed up how she's being judged by not only her skin color but how she dressed or looked just because she's a women lol like what about men? Pull up your pants Bruh look like a man and not like you have shit in your pants lol and there's nothing wrong with how she looks lol that's like saying a white person can't say "nigga" because he's white now I know to some people that might be completely different but it actually isn't because he isn't allowed to say a certain thing because of his skin color... In this case she can't dress how she is because she's a women... Jeez less judgement much lol unless you're just like totally sexist and stuff and see women a certain way that's is I guess a "actual" women and stuff... Point is on that chain I saw... Don't blame someone for their colors past and degrade them because of that.. All of our races have done something bad... We aren't all pure and no one lives in a pure race or legacy... Perfection just doesn't happen that way so stop judging her because i can judge men nowadays just as easily if you like to flow that way