Madonna - Music

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  1. That gap
  2. To get the Monday going
  3. Is nice!!!
  4. I like Madonna and I'm a huge Mariah and Janet stan. So question how cum Madonna doesn't like them? What did dey do
  5. She is so fucking sexy in those cowgirl hats..damn!!!
  6. The demo's for this song are amazing!
  7. MADONNA..........................WARNER BROS RECORDS
  8. One if the best mad
  9. Wow Tommy gear who remembers those knock offs?
  10. Riffs on Midnight Star's No Parking On The Dancefloor more than anything else. Love it!!!!
  11. the best woman in the world and out lasted most people, not too many left from the 80's still singing
  12. Funny video, she looks very pretty ! 
  13. wonderfull music
  14. This is my song. Still sounds good, i could dance this at the club!
  15. one of the best hits from the 00's
  16. This video is so fucking awesome !!!! So cool to watch it HI :) 
  17. Is that Sacha Baron Cohen?
  18. Have you ever seen the real big ben?? LOL
  19. This sound is like a drug.
  20. Haha had no idea Ali G was in this
  21. "Party On"!
  22. madonna's classic
  23. Yess love Madonna!!
  25. Queen of pop - MADDONA PRIncess of pop - Milery Cyrus