Madonna - Music

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  1. Oh well
  2. awww shit...this 10th grade all over again!
  3. V2000: best year of my LIFE!! Music, makes the people...
  4. Haha i remember liking this..what a guilty pleasure.
  5. Why Madonna its so lesbian?
  6. Comuna!!!!! Que comienza la party!!! Viernes y Fin de mes!!!!! Pff A comenzar esta mañana con la buena vibra Que comience el "despioje" jajajaja XD
  7. When I was little I would always laugh at: "I want to dance with my baby" because I thought she meant an actual child, good times
  8. Madonna was pregnant with son Rocco during this video, That's why there are no full body shots
  9. Friend in my circle shared.....thank you! I love this song......
  10. There was so much good music in 2000, including Madonna. I don't know this was her highest non-performing song.
  11. Madonna - Music
  12. I forgot how much I love this song, and it features Ali G!
  13. Parrandera
  14. この曲はビルボードシングルチャートで2000-09-16から5週連続1位を達成 これでマドンナは80・90・2000年代にビルボードシングルチャートで1位を達成いたしました
  15. Madonna - Music:
  16. 14 septembre 2000 : Sortie en France du nouvel album Music de Madonna
  17. qd madonna devancer les modes...
  18. CLASSIC!
  19. Love it
  21. Madonna Music 21/08/2000 Synthpop
  22. #LaborDay #Madonna #Bourgeoisie
  23. Madonna = the only artist who never starts to suck.