Madonna - Music

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  1. Oh well
  2. There was so much good music in 2000, including Madonna. I don't know this was her highest non-performing song.
  3. Why Madonna its so lesbian?
  4. Madonna music video played on the box music network in 2000UNTIL THE THE BOX MUSIC NETWORK GOT CANCELLED IN 2000.
  5. Is you Madonna? Oh Yeah!!
  6. This song was ahead of its time and still amazing!
  7. music 
  8. Haha i remember liking this..what a guilty pleasure.
  9. so dam funny
  10. ¡¡¡Reinita hermosa maravillosa!!!! 
  11. When I was little I would always laugh at: "I want to dance with my baby" because I thought she meant an actual child, good times
  12. WE LOVE YOU MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  13. Respek 
  14. no nasty. i remember my mom hated this when it came out and the strippr part ughh to much
  15. Flopriah Carey is a trashy whore, she deserves her new song and album are HUGE GLOBAL FLOPS! Flopriah Carey is the ETERNAL QUEEN OF FLOPS! 
  16. コンフェッションのライブの時のこの曲とダンスが好きだわ~。
  17. Madonna was pregnant with son Rocco during this video, That's why there are no full body shots
  18. Her style,!
  19. Friend in my circle shared.....thank you! I love this song......
  20. this song made me become her fan when I was 10, and she is my idol since then, I love her!!!! she fucking rocks!!!
  21. i hate madonna but ill always love this song. did a lil rendition called hey mr.basset. god damn dat hound loved it when id sing it to him. mr.basset ftw!
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