Madonna - Music

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  1. Madonna is the Queen of pop! Miley is porn! Mariah Carey, who is Mariah Carey? 
  2. Madonna - Music 👍
  3. R.I.P. Manriah Carey, her new album is a big flop! Rest in peace Manriah! 
  4. this video is so cheesy, it did NOT stand the test of time. Ali G is so dated and bleh
  5. OH! no me había dado cuenta que es Sacha Baron Cohen el conductor :P
  6. 1# hit
  7. Ali G in this video! So awesome!
  8. This is Queen of pop! She is GOOD! <33 We Love Madonna:33
  9. this sounds like nicki bellas enterins music
  10. Even before I watched dis video. I always suspected dat Ali G would want to ride Madonna's punani aye. And there he is actually singing "Riding the punani" ... gotta love Ali G, because he is so dumb and funny in those interviews he did. Same with Borat too.
  11. I never noticed all the Billboard signs at 2:40 are all Madonna songs.
  12. Gotta love that little hint at 1:17 She was pregnant with Rocco at the time.. So cute :D 
  13. The most successful female artist, live with that haters! 
  14. me recordo a mi tiempo en la preparatoria.. recuerdo cuando llegaba de la escuela corria a prender la tele en mtv para ver esos videos... que tiempos aquellos.. muy lindos recuerdos--
  15. I just woke from a drunken stupor and I had this song in my head. What does it mean? I haven't heard this song in 15 years.
  16. I feel like they added as many sound effects as possible to keep people from ripping it from YouTube
  17. I used to hate this song but it has really grown on me after all these years.
  18. I remember when this song use to come on the radio station :)
  19. Music, the best ever!
  20. Cubby Hole west village nyc loves MADONNA WEST 4 2015 
  21. One of her best album! 
  22. I have loved Madonna since I was 4 years old. She is the Queen of pop
  23. Viva la Queen !!