Madonna - Music

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  1. Friend in my circle shared.....thank you! I love this song......
  2. I like Madonna and I'm a huge Mariah and Janet stan. So question how cum Madonna doesn't like them? What did dey do
  3. Oh well
  4. One of the best madonna songs but not the best the best is like a prayer
  5. Madonna was pregnant with son Rocco during this video, That's why there are no full body shots
  6. There was so much good music in 2000, including Madonna. I don't know this was her highest non-performing song.
  7. Is nice!!!
  8. She is so fucking sexy in those cowgirl hats..damn!!!
  9. That gap
  10. I don't listen to this song enough!
  11. This is laughable. Going from 80's chick to pimp.
  12. Hahaha I never knew Ali G was in this XD
  13. Wow Tommy gear who remembers those knock offs?
  14. My favorite Madonna song.
  15. According to +Madonna, "Music makes the people come together."
  16. I wonder if she'll LOVE ME ? After all, I look better in a cowboy hat than her and you know what these DIVA'S egos are like. 
  17. The demo's for this song are amazing!
  18. One if the best mad
  19. This was the best song of 2000 along with the best album of 2000! Queen of Pop
  20. my daughters favourite of mine too.......there is something very special about Madge
  21. 0:30 the cd was put in the wrong way....
  22. Day 10: Music about Music I thought this one would be obvious, but I haven't see it yet today. #MJMusicChallenge