Man who can sing every thing:)

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  1. So 240p we meet again..
  2. its like watching a homeless guy drunk trying to entertain people. 
  3. It's funny. Why do people always say "Try doing it better yourself.".. Eh, why? He's completely right, a lot of the notes were way off - one doesn't have to be able to do it better to have opinions. I think this guy is neither funny or sings even remotely good, and you know what? I suck at signing. Whatcha gonna do about it.
  4. WOW
  5. Damn that crowd is dead..
  6. its Anthony Kavanagh!!!!!!
  7. XD I like it!
  8. Do a steven tyler
  9. Is this for real? He sounds more like a clown than a singer-of which he has no talent.Does he have laryngitis or is he drunk???
  10. hahahahahahhaa this video make me laugh 
  11. Fun to see half of the people commenting and being dicks about it, you don't like it, no one cares, he's incredibly talented, end of, if you don't enjoy his talent no point in fighting with half of the people trying to enjoy his video
  12. Super Nice
  13. Lol funny guy
  14. Guy sucks Jamaican donkey balls..with a side of kiss my ass and 0 talent
  15. CRAZY
  16. He's an humorist his name is Anthony Kavanagh from Quebec, Canada (Haitian) 
  17. The crowd is asleep
  18. I don't understand why it says that he can sing everything
  19. he choose only black people to imitate
  20. Anthony Kavanagh,from Canada,Québec
  21. Lol
  22. The background voice should stfu honestly its so annoying and ruins it
  23. Hes very good.. if only he wasnt so ahead of his time doing this type of performance, our time will appreciate this more. I dont think the audience it it too much they dont appreciate how good he is.
  24. Dnt understand y ppl were laughing... All he did was move around like a fucking idiot and ppl laughed? The fuuuuuuuck?! And isn't the point suppose to b that HE sings? Why'd he make the audience sing? Idiot.
  25. Hero
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