Man who can sing every thing:)

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  1. He could sing like everyone except the one and only Michael Jackson <3
  2. I never understood why the title of this video is "Man who can sing every thing:)" It should be "Anthony Kavanagh At the Juste Pour Rire Festival 1998" 
  3. 1:34 except he could'n sing the bass down into the C2, he just made the bass stay on the same note, when it's supposed to go down into a C2 :)
  4. It's funny how this is a French comedian, on Polish TV Chanel shown on youtube for english speaking users
  5. why this guy is good!!!!!!
  6. Did anyone find the voiceover very annoying? Is that guy suppose to be a French-Canadian?
  7. Some imitations were spot on but others weren't so good. Far too many gimmicks to be considered the greatest imitator of songs. I consider this more of a musical / comedy variety act. I did enjoy it!
  8. He's pretty good, but for me he's off beat and off key too often to be truly impressive. He's doesn't imitate so much as parody.
  9. Can he sing opera?Can he make gutural singing?No.
  10. Don't get me wrong...He is god! But if he is going to sing a song? He should know the words! He did not know the words to "Billie Jean"!
  11. What the hell is this guy doing? I am confused.
  12. He can sing but I don't think any of these were good impressions
  13. utter nonsense. sure he grew up in Europe where some people do anything to be accepted...use your talent for what it is, not wasting it...
  14. His impression of Michael Jackson is secretly an impression of Lenny Kravitz singing Michael Jackson.
  15. I think Voca People is better than this stupid
  16. The Joker wants his jacket back.
  17. His name is Anthony Kavanagh
  18. no wonder u guys dont learn english, not everything has to be dubbed.
  19. 0:22 Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World 1:10 Ben E. King - Stand By Me 2:16 The Temptations - My Girl 3:10 James Brown - Sex Machine 3:41 I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW! 4:00 Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive 4:37 Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely 5:05 Michael Jackson - Billie Jean 5:52 Tone Loc - Wild Thing 6:04 Prince - Kiss All of these songs are classics now, but I'd imagine the last 3 were still modern at the date of the performance. Man of many voices indeed, but some gags were a bit ehhhh (like the hair spray in the eye). Either way, I'm really grateful to have recognised all the covers (apart from 3:41, still ripping my hair out at that one) and the people he's impersonating and I think he did a great job capturing each one's idiosyncrasies! Some really awesome music that I'd invite all of you reading to explore more and, who knows, you could find something you really really like that you can't find in today's pop culture!
  20. the beat to the Michael jackson song was good, but the signing not so much.. 
  21. His voice is his tool, and he has good range and control. He could do just about anything in the music or voice-over biz. he is probably doin a lot better than you all out there disssin im. he is doin what he likes and not out there doin some suck ass job that he hates like most people.
  22. a guy who can´t write everything
  23. Kennt jemand diesen Herrn? Ich find den ziemlich kühl^^
  24. I got hyped when he started the temptations but then he didnt sing most of it
  25. That guy is mediocre and off rhythm.