Man who can sing every thing:)

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  1. LOL
  2. Man who can sing every thing:) THIS GUY IS GREAT
  3. 0:22 Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World 1:10 Ben E. King - Stand By Me 2:16 The Temptations - My Girl 3:10 James Brown - Sex Machine 3:41 I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW! 4:00 Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive 4:37 Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely 5:05 Michael Jackson - Billie Jean 5:52 Tone Loc - Wild Thing 6:04 Prince - Kiss All of these songs are classics now, but I'd imagine the last 3 were still modern at the date of the performance. Man of many voices indeed, but some gags were a bit ehhhh (like the hair spray in the eye). Either way, I'm really grateful to have recognised all the covers (apart from 3:41, still ripping my hair out at that one) and the people he's impersonating and I think he did a great job capturing each one's idiosyncrasies! Some really awesome music that I'd invite all of you reading to explore more and, who knows, you could find something you really really like that you can't find in today's pop culture!
  4. Amazing 
  5. holy shit that stayin alive! his voice was made for that
  6. whats the second second song he sings
  7. Hahaha
  8. I have the same coptic cross necklace... Or at least very similar. Purchased in Burkina Faso.
  9. Why impersonate singers who no one knows or can even recognize if the impersonator is even close at matching his or her voice?
  10. second song please
  11. What was the second song? I remember hearing it when I was younger. Never learned it's name tho. Please if someone want to make my day tell me the name.
  12. So um this is a french/quebecor comedian by the name of Anthony Kavanagh 
  13. Man who can sing every thing:) yetenek ve komedi. 😅
  14. That ain't Michael Jackson... That's James Brown.
  15. Garbage
  16. Can he sing spaghetti?
  17. At 4:34 wht song is tht?
  18. Ah.....Anthony Kavanagh! Je l'adore!
  19. hahahaha kurwa Polskiego lektora wkurwil.
  20. Fucking dead ass crowd, the difference it would have been if the crowd was black, no racial.
  21. is this Harold Perrineau
  22. what is this a slave autidion? where are the black people in that crowd?
  23. вот это поворот, там полу-озвучка польская проскакивает :з
  24. If he did this at the apollo, where most the observers there are African american, he would have blown the roof off the crowd. This is just not the right crowd (most middle aged caucasians from what I saw). 
  25. Fuck haters you all can say what you want,but this guy is amazing! He's talented as hell!!! 😱👍