Man who can sing every thing:)

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  1. This guy was trying way too hard. He didn't sound that much like Bernard King, Stevie Wonder, Andy Gibb, Michael Jackson, or Prince.
  2. its Anthony Kavanagh!!!!!!
  3. Fucking dead ass crowd, the difference it would have been if the crowd was white, no racial.
  4. It's funny. Why do people always say "Try doing it better yourself.".. Eh, why? He's completely right, a lot of the notes were way off - one doesn't have to be able to do it better to have opinions. I think this guy is neither funny or sings even remotely good, and you know what? I suck at signing. Whatcha gonna do about it.
  5. i wonder where this dude is now
  6. Great voice. BUT He should have moved down to the IV chord on Stand By Me. Woops. And he, like, totally changed keys and stuff on My Girl and Billie Jean. If you're gonna sing a bass line, make it work, brah. troll troll troll troll 
  7. That Stand By Me was so rough...
  8. Is this for real? He sounds more like a clown than a singer-of which he has no talent.Does he have laryngitis or is he drunk???
  9. .....That Michael Jackson ...... was terrible!!!!!!
  10. So 240p we meet again..
  11. Why impersonate singers who no one knows or can even recognize if the impersonator is even close at matching his or her voice?
  12. He lacked some skills, the audience was a bit generous .
  13. His Michael Jackson was shit. Sounded more like Chris Rock.
  14. Sounds like he's making fun of the singers...
  15. its like watching a homeless guy drunk trying to entertain people. 
  16. The last one was unacceptable.
  17. Can sing everything but upon a burning body 
  18. 3:11 who is he imitating?
  19. this was awful to watch
  20. He's trying to do too many things at once, ruins his performance...
  21. WOW the crowd is lame 90% of the time.
  22. Is that Will Smith with dreadlocks?
  23. What's his name? :/
  24. Hey is that Anthony Kavanagh???? Damn I never knew he was an imitator :O