Man who can sing every thing:)

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  1. I want a name of the beat at 3:40 
  2. Why impersonate singers who no one knows or can even recognize if the impersonator is even close at matching his or her voice?
  3. So um this is a french/quebecor comedian by the name of Anthony Kavanagh 
  4. Fucking dead ass crowd, the difference it would have been if the crowd was black, no racial.
  5. i feel the crowd was weak
  6. G(old)
  7. What's the name of the second song??
  8. This guy was trying way too hard. He didn't sound that much like Bernard King, Stevie Wonder, Andy Gibb, Michael Jackson, or Prince.
  9. what's the name of this song 4:00
  10. Whats his name?
  11. This is an insult.
  12. .....That Michael Jackson ...... was terrible!!!!!!
  13. 3:11 who is he imitating?
  14. What is the 2nd song 
  15. Omfg amazing 😍😍😍😍😍
  16. is this wayne brady?
  17. He lacked some skills, the audience was a bit generous .
  18. Is this for real? He sounds more like a clown than a singer-of which he has no talent.Does he have laryngitis or is he drunk???
  19. It's funny. Why do people always say "Try doing it better yourself.".. Eh, why? He's completely right, a lot of the notes were way off - one doesn't have to be able to do it better to have opinions. I think this guy is neither funny or sings even remotely good, and you know what? I suck at signing. Whatcha gonna do about it.
  20. this is so mind blowing 0_0
  21. Very cool.
  22. He needs to work on the james brown impression
  23. I am 12 and knew all of them 
  24. Excelent! or as we say in Costa Rica ¡Pura vida!