Maria Aragon - Born This Way (Cover) by Lady Gaga

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This is a cover of Lady GaGa's new song "Born This Way." I hope you enjoy! Lots of Love, Maria

  1. Guys is she half filipino? Please reply and thank you!
  3. She's retarded sorry to say that
  4. she is AMAZING!
  5. That was amazing you have true talent! Good job and never give up, you will be something amazing 
  6. She has a great voice and she seems so genuine, that's the best part. What a brave little girl.
  7. iloveyou will you marry me im 11 yrs old boy
  8. Your a good at piano and sining you could go on the voice kids 
  9. How old is she??
  10. I'll type something. WOOT. OMG!!! Proper typing :DDDD Sweet shit niggahhhhh
  11. She is so good its unreal! Kid, you've got allot of success coming your way! Good luck! :-)
  12. I dont get it. She's good but I dont find anything outstanding / special with this cover...
  13. NOW SHES LIKE 15 RI8?😄
  14. Dont listen to the haters, ur amazing! Keep singing (:
  16. Gooodd <333 :)) :D
  17. omg you are soooo good
  18. #musicalmonday Brought to you by ten year old Canadian superstar in the making, Maria Aragon! FRENCH ON LOCATION, as many of our clients know, is a division of VISIT CANADA, and as such, we pay close attention to most things Canadian. This pint sized songstress taught herself to play piano and sing! Her hard work paid off and she eventually garnered an appearance with Lady Gaga in Toronto! An inspiration to dream big, n'est-ce pas?
  19. +Jaden Park I think it would be better is you shut up and stop saying mean thing like the song she was born this way.. she is pretty the way she is I think and she a very good singer she has 539,387 likes and 19,830 dislike and I am giving her 1 like now!!!!!!
  20. i feel that coming from a young girl, its so much more special and touching....
  21. Very good look at my video .
  22. i hope a couple of years from now on we will see you on tv and all over the world you have one live so live it and do what ever you want and your life is one of a kind . STAR
  23. i cant believe this was so long ago
  24. Get it! <3
  25. WOW!! Shes good😃😇
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