Maria Aragon - Born This Way (Cover) by Lady Gaga

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This is a cover of Lady GaGa's new song "Born This Way." I hope you enjoy! Lots of Love, Maria

  1. Guys is she half filipino? Please reply and thank you!
  2. She's retarded sorry to say that
  3. She needs a contract deal!
  5. Wow amazing! Some people r just jealous because she's gotten millions of views. Ignore the haters ur awesome!!
  6. You're so lucky to meet Lady Gaga and be in The Ellen Show!!!!!!!!!
  7. omg she has magician voice ♥
  8. sherinnnnnnnnnnnn rostannnnnnnnnn kokoo viziii iem xameee louka glipse kooloo vizaa ts dimitras j tis alexxx thekiou verimats
  9. that gave me chills, that was anazing, im 11 to 😂
  10. you go girl!! You should go on American idol! Girl you make me wanna cry cause your so good. Your sing your heart out. I'm guaranteed you will make it.!! I love you. I can see you being a famous singer!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!
  11. Does any one else say this reminds of Greyson Chance but girl and Born this way not Paparazzi 
  12. she is AMAZING!
  13. That was amazing you have true talent! Good job and never give up, you will be something amazing 
  14. She has a great voice and she seems so genuine, that's the best part. What a brave little girl.
  15. iloveyou will you marry me im 11 yrs old boy
  16. eh
  17. How old is she??
  18. Omg your voice is perfect *-*
  19. Yes she is Filipino cuz I am one 
  20. I absolutely LOVE this cover. She's only 10, I can't believe it!!!!!
  21. Your a good at piano and sining you could go on the voice kids 
  22. You are amazing, I'd do anything to sing like you. Lucky girl
  23. Meu deus q pft
  24. I heard this song sang by her but did not think it would become this popular