Maria Aragon - Born This Way (Cover) by Lady Gaga

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This is a cover of Lady GaGa's new song "Born This Way." I hope you enjoy! Lots of Love, Maria

  2. Shes 2 years older than me, and she became viral with 57 million view I i can only sing in the shower meaning i have the confidence of a chicken nugget
  3. Guys is she half filipino? Please reply and thank you!
  4. I Have posted this before, but this lovely child is a gift..& the Lyrics are something each person should capture & hold on to..... *God Makes No Mistakes*
  5. Lol I played against her in a volleyball tournament, when we shook hands I was like, Omg I technically touched lady gags, LOVE YOU MARIA
  6. Maria Aragon - Born This Way (Cover) by Lady Gaga:
  7. She has the same name as me, Maria ^_^ Filipino pride :D
  8. that gave me chills, that was anazing, im 11 to 😂
  9. That was amazing you have true talent! Good job and never give up, you will be something amazing 
  10. Wow! You are so good!!!!
  11. I love the way she did this cover!
  13. Shes Beautiful and has an amazing voice! keep on doing this please
  14. dear tamia, Thank you very much ur uploads! you're so warm and sweet lady. and how can you dance so much cool! i never imagined you dance! because you look so sweet cute, so girlish! i'm not so girlish i envy you, i envy your hair, skin... but i dont hate myself.. just a little bit sometimes. and i'm crumsy, i envy people who not crumsy. i adore you. hugs. will you say happy b to me someday? and please say hello to mr.mario. and everybody.
  15. I was the same age as her in 2011 and I was so jealous of her XD
  16. Your a good at piano and sining you could go on the voice kids 
  17. She is really cute when she starts singing and says, "my mama told me when I was young" You are still young.... :D
  18. Wow amazing! Some people r just jealous because she's gotten millions of views. Ignore the haters ur awesome!!
  19. How old was she in this video?!?!
  20. Your very talented, not a suprise from a Filipino. #Filipinopride
  21. sherinnnnnnnnnnnn rostannnnnnnnnn kokoo viziii iem xameee louka glipse kooloo vizaa ts dimitras j tis alexxx thekiou verimats
  22. Voll schöne und süß ich war voll gerührt du hast voll die schöne Stimme:)
  23. Maria Aragon is AWESOME! So going to share this on the AP Facebook page. Thanks for the inspiration
  24. Fantastic♥, maria i'm italian but i love lady gaga, she is very important for me! Born this way is my favourite song,you are very good at singing, i swear♥♥<3