Maria Aragon - Born This Way (Cover) by Lady Gaga

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This is a cover of Lady GaGa's new song "Born This Way." I hope you enjoy! Lots of Love, Maria

  1. Love you. Hope you. Hade fun with lady gaga
  2. so much talent you have
  3. you went on ellen
  4. You did good!!! I feel bad for laughing at the dramatic faces tho... :3
  6. Wow Now That's Talent
  7. you are very good and need to make more covers
  8. You rock it girl 
  9. So a young talent LIKE LIKE LIKE!!! :D
  10. you have a huge talent!
  11. Perfect voice!
  12. amazing voice
  13. You are so amazing!!!!!!!!
  14. why did she skip the gay straight bi lesbian part?
  15. Great job! Good message! We must love ourselves as we were made by God, who does not make mistakes! I learned this lesson a while back from a wonderful counselor :) <>
  16. Great
  17. This is a serios talent
  18. Amazing :)
  19. 2014
  20. more likes than Lady Gaga's video? She Is Talented!
  21. Wasn't she ok Ellen 
  22. She is talented
  23. ur AMAZING!
  24. Wow
  25. WOW!!!! :D
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