MattyBRaps audition - The X Factor 2011 (Full Version)

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Hi BBoys and BGirls! Oh no! MattyB is upset that he can't join the 2011 season of X Factor, so he decided to write Simor Cowell THIS letter! Check it out: "Dear Simon, I'm gonna make this short but sweet. My name is MattyB and I'm 8 years old from Atlanta, Ga. and I love to rap. Now I've been watching you on TV ever since I can remember and last night I was watching my favorite talent show with my mom and I saw a commercial that said you were making a new show called, "The X Factor". I was pumped about trying out because, well, if you hand me a microphone and lend me a sweet beat, I'll nail it because I really believe that I have the "X Factor"... in my blood. I wanted to make this video because I feel like you're missing out on all the people who are younger than 12 that have amazing talent that just want to do their thing. I'm pretty sure I heard you say one time that, "Talent doesn't matter about age, shape, or size." So I'm hoping you can get back to me really fast because, you know, the show's about to start and hopefully you'll change it to all ages are allowed. Oh and um... Make sure you tell Miss Paula that... you know... I REALLY think she's nice and... you know... if she can get me an autograph that'd be GREAT. Make sure she sends it back to me and... I'm sorry... here's the playlist:" Ice Ice Baby (Cover by MattyBRaps ft. Vanilla Ice) Sugar Sugar (Original by MattyBRaps) Fly Like a G6 (Parody by MattyBRaps) What's My Name (Cover/Remix by MattyBRaps) Love The Way You Lie (Parody by MattyBRaps ft. Julia Sheer) We R Who We R (Cover/Remix by MattyBRaps) Best Thing I Never Had (Cover/Remix by MattyBRaps) Forever & Always (Original by MattyBRaps ft. Julia Sheer) Keep following your dreams! OFFICIAL MATTYB LINKS MattyB Gear Shop Main Channel 2nd Channel Twitter Facebook

  1. wWTTF?!!!😂😂😂 gaaaay 👍up for being gay oh wait u R gay😂😂😂😂 
  2. Don't wanna be a duck...but he's not talented
  3. Only 12+ can audition idiot 
  4. 1. He's not talented 2.He thinks he's justin beiber 3.FAKE SWAG 4.He's called MATTY B and BBOYS and Bgirls, nuff said
  5. Your cute! :3 and my brother is 8 years old
  6. Good thing the shows cancelled! :)
  7. wait does he live in England
  8. MattyBRaps audition - The X Factor 2011 (Full Ver…:
  9. I'm so angry of Simon! 
  10. I bet he masturbates over Simon.
  11. Wow your parents have truly failed you Matty, I almost feel bad for you. 
  12. And now presenting: a self-obsessed kid with rich parents who has someone write his raps for him. Seriously, he's being so fake, and trying to be "cute" just so he can go on X Factor. I understand this is an older video and he's older now, but his self obsession irks me. 
  13. Wannabe rapper haha just quit u look retarded
  14. looks like justin beiber laid eggs before we could stop him
  15. He's not really rapping. 
  16. This kid is talented and cute! He is the same age as my little brother (they are both 11 now) and I think that makes me root for him a little bit more that I would have otherwise but whatever. I love that he has parents that support his dreams because so many kids don't get that. If I could slap every single person that sends him hate for the sake of being mean, I would. There will always be negative comments on youtube for the simple fact that people can't keep their opinions to themselves even if they know it's not necessarily nice but hate is different. Hate for the sake of hate can kill dreams and discourage people from what they love. So people who do that can go play in traffic but I hope this kid keeps going and keeps working at it. He's still going strong today so I hope he continues :)
  17. 2:45 ... That's a fricken whine.... Your absolutely crap.
  18. if a so you a wold get my dad ak 47 and shoot your rap pappers
  19. hes gay
  20. how old are you matty 9 or 10
  21. No offence but wait your turn... And also, the X factor fails, as I know so many people who can sing way better than any winners, me not included... :(, so it doesn't really work.
  22. Matt b no how to rap and sing and he is so cute this is a girl 
  23. ...........
  24. There all retards matt don't listen to them
  25. I think you're a very cute an talented kid. I think you'd be great on a disney or nick tv show, I can see you doing that. i sense you can act as well as rap/sing, i don't know if that's true. Anyhow, i think you're doing great, an headed towards great things, best wishes :)
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