MattyBRaps audition - The X Factor 2011 (Full Version)

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Hi BBoys and BGirls! Oh no! MattyB is upset that he can't join the 2011 season of X Factor, so he decided to write Simor Cowell THIS letter! Check it out: "Dear Simon, I'm gonna make this short but sweet. My name is MattyB and I'm 8 years old from Atlanta, Ga. and I love to rap. Now I've been watching you on TV ever since I can remember and last night I was watching my favorite talent show with my mom and I saw a commercial that said you were making a new show called, "The X Factor". I was pumped about trying out because, well, if you hand me a microphone and lend me a sweet beat, I'll nail it because I really believe that I have the "X Factor"... in my blood. I wanted to make this video because I feel like you're missing out on all the people who are younger than 12 that have amazing talent that just want to do their thing. I'm pretty sure I heard you say one time that, "Talent doesn't matter about age, shape, or size." So I'm hoping you can get back to me really fast because, you know, the show's about to start and hopefully you'll change it to all ages are allowed. Oh and um... Make sure you tell Miss Paula that... you know... I REALLY think she's nice and... you know... if she can get me an autograph that'd be GREAT. Make sure she sends it back to me and... I'm sorry... here's the playlist:" Ice Ice Baby (Cover by MattyBRaps ft. Vanilla Ice) Sugar Sugar (Original by MattyBRaps) Fly Like a G6 (Parody by MattyBRaps) What's My Name (Cover/Remix by MattyBRaps) Love The Way You Lie (Parody by MattyBRaps ft. Julia Sheer) We R Who We R (Cover/Remix by MattyBRaps) Best Thing I Never Had (Cover/Remix by MattyBRaps) Forever & Always (Original by MattyBRaps ft. Julia Sheer) Keep following your dreams! OFFICIAL MATTYB LINKS MattyB Gear Shop Main Channel 2nd Channel Twitter Facebook

  1. Wait this kid is 12 now? My younger brother is 13 and he looks ten times older than this Justin bieber wanna be
  2. Like if your watching in 2015
  3. This kid is famous for his Parents money Looks Auto tune This is not talent 
  4. Like if u watched dis in 2014 or 2015✌️
  5. What a faggot
  6. Don't wanna be a duck...but he's not talented
  7. Wait he's has braces when he was 8.......... What!!
  8. 1.his swag is just not swag 2.why does the mom let him go to concerts 3.mexican teenagers have way more swag lol Just lyin dont try to be justin bieber you're just inbarrising YOUR self 🐵 
  9. Aint nobody got time for you bruh , just study and get a job when you're 16 or whatever than dont ever rap cos once I see you on X Factor , my children's ear will be bleeding . Regards - me
  10. Them people who say you can't sing are wrong!
  11. This kid has passion I love that
  12. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. It's not a new show, you retard. They just decided to make a shit yankee port of it, lasting like 2 seasons.
  14. wht? an 8 year old kid is too young to drive. He was driving!
  15. I'm watching it in 2015 april
  16. He is so cuuuute *-* can i adopted him..? As my brother..? 
  18. I wish air was in your blood stream
  19. +Callum John Bogue Hey how can he NOT be cute
  20. "If you drop me a beat... I'll nail it.." -_-
  21. I'm the same age lol 
  22. I am fames
  23. Amazing I am a big fan😃😊😀😁☺king👑
  24. People who think he is not galented he actually is and if you dont believe me the n listen tohim singing boyfriend by justin beiber
  25. please go to Germany Supertalent. You have a realy good chance
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