MattyBRaps audition - The X Factor 2011 (Full Version)

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Hi BBoys and BGirls! Oh no! MattyB is upset that he can't join the 2011 season of X Factor, so he decided to write Simor Cowell THIS letter! Check it out: "Dear Simon, I'm gonna make this short but sweet. My name is MattyB and I'm 8 years old from Atlanta, Ga. and I love to rap. Now I've been watching you on TV ever since I can remember and last night I was watching my favorite talent show with my mom and I saw a commercial that said you were making a new show called, "The X Factor". I was pumped about trying out because, well, if you hand me a microphone and lend me a sweet beat, I'll nail it because I really believe that I have the "X Factor"... in my blood. I wanted to make this video because I feel like you're missing out on all the people who are younger than 12 that have amazing talent that just want to do their thing. I'm pretty sure I heard you say one time that, "Talent doesn't matter about age, shape, or size." So I'm hoping you can get back to me really fast because, you know, the show's about to start and hopefully you'll change it to all ages are allowed. Oh and um... Make sure you tell Miss Paula that... you know... I REALLY think she's nice and... you know... if she can get me an autograph that'd be GREAT. Make sure she sends it back to me and... I'm sorry... here's the playlist:" Ice Ice Baby (Cover by MattyBRaps ft. Vanilla Ice) Sugar Sugar (Original by MattyBRaps) Fly Like a G6 (Parody by MattyBRaps) What's My Name (Cover/Remix by MattyBRaps) Love The Way You Lie (Parody by MattyBRaps ft. Julia Sheer) We R Who We R (Cover/Remix by MattyBRaps) Best Thing I Never Had (Cover/Remix by MattyBRaps) Forever & Always (Original by MattyBRaps ft. Julia Sheer) Keep following your dreams! OFFICIAL MATTYB LINKS MattyB Gear Shop Main Channel 2nd Channel Twitter Facebook

  1. Like if your watching in 2015
  2. Aint nobody got time for you bruh , just study and get a job when you're 16 or whatever than dont ever rap cos once I see you on X Factor , my children's ear will be bleeding . Regards - me
  3. 1. He's not talented 2.He thinks he's justin beiber 3.FAKE SWAG 4.He's called MATTY B and BBOYS and Bgirls, nuff said
  4. 3:22 hoping a train would run this little prick over
  5. Only 12+ can audition idiot 
  6. Don't wanna be a duck...but he's not talented
  7. Them people who say you can't sing are wrong!
  8. this guy is so bad and he thinks hes really good as well hes so annoying and awful and cocky and arrogant and hes never gonna get on x-factor even when he is the right age
  9. Haters gonna hate cause they still feel behind.
  10. cute MattyB! Keep following your dreams! :)
  11. This kid has passion I love that
  12. what... YOU LIVE IN ATLANTA, GA????????????????? YYAAAHHHOOO!!!!!!!
  13. He use to be more talented lol
  14. People who think he is not galented he actually is and if you dont believe me the n listen tohim singing boyfriend by justin beiber
  16. Would everyone stop being a hater this was posted in 2011 he is now 12 and come so far if you lot ant got nowt nice to say the why are you wasting your time stop being a bully he has got a dream and he's following it he's getting where he wants to be he has got talent in most people points of view but its your own opinion and if its not a nice one no one wants to know so go get a life and stop comment on things from 2011 
  17. I totally adore this kid and love how talented he is! The love he has for his beautiful little sister with down syndrome is so heartwarming and sweet!! Matty, don't ever let anyone bring you down, you are a sweet and kind hearted kid with a beautiful spirit and bright future!! Follow your dreams and you will go far!!
  18. All haters, I want to see you rap because he is really good.
  19. now its hard to think that he is about 14 or 15 or so>>>> anyways luv ya mattyb
  20. first of all, he can rap better than you. second of all, he's SEVEN, and last, if you say "he made your ears bleed" why did you watch the whole video in the first place!
  21. Shut up guys don't be mean .If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it.don't make him feel like he SUCKS because he is good .when was the last time you knew how to rap? Matty b you are the best youngest raper iv'e ever heard in my life .so don't let them put you down.and you have an amazing voice.and you might get lots,and lots,and lots,of $money
  22. Im so sorry you have to be 16+ to enter Yours sincerely, Simon cowel 
  23. I really think that if he was trying to prove he could be on the show she shouldn't have showed him the videos only when he was rapping, he should've showed him more of the singing videos!!
  24. Don't give him a microphone. He'll give you brain cancer
  25. He said he's making the X factor has been out for years
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