McDonalds Drive Thru Rap

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Yep. Just watch. Special thanks to the guys who originally wrote this rap. It wasn't us.

  1. LMAO... This is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!
  2. 🍟🍔I'm lovin' it🍔🍟
  3. I'm doing this in the summer, with friends!
  4. ... Copied... Any1 read the desc?
  5. Dickwads keeps calling her Precious. What A'holes. Privileged jerks. I got your "nizzle" rich Neandarthals.
  6. it was funny once, after that it's just playing fucking dumb and annoying!! 
  7. Not trying to be mean or anything but you need to come up with your own raps instead of using someone Else's, you basically got 13m+ views just for doing the same exact rap someone else did 
  8. I LOVE YOU!!!!
  9. Could someone please give me the lyrics??? :P
  10. Love it lol
  11. Should've been McDonalds Drive Thru *Wrap*
  12. XD me and my brother planned to do this
  13. Is this the original?
  14. Oh my god, I'm in that weird part of youtube
  15. Hahaha lol you guys are funny
  16. Anyone with two eyes can see that these employees were not having fun after a certain point. This is a perfect example of kids with too much money who don't know the difference between "right" and "wrong" (look up "Affluenza"... rich people have worse morals proven by numerous studies). I have worked in fast food management for years and this type of behavior would make drive times plummet, this aside from the fact that other customers were affected by the behavior. Not only that, but if you wanted to be funny you could have written your own rap (one that made sense), done it once or twice and maybe tipped them and actually bought a meal. There are thousands of ways to be funny in a drive thru... this was just weird, uncomfortable and made me feel bad for the employees (and manager) who clearly wanted you to leave.
  17. Poop that is awesome :-) :) 
  18. Guys stop saying bad stuff about them...they're just having fun. There was no harm in this. So stop being jerks and calling them out and being bitches and shit and get over it! The workers have to LIVE WITH IT...they walked into this kind of stuff when they applied for the job. Viewers, don't feel bad for the employees. Raps aren't bad, they're creative and, hey, ever heard of "entertainment"? I bet fast food workers need that every once in a while. I bet that wasn't their first pick for a job anyway. They need some kind of "fun" in their day b/c it can get boring. So, I say, KUDOS to the boys!!
  19. Lisen
  20. correct lyrics?
  21. It was freddy and sam from icarly 
  22. Her names precious! To the dumbass down there somewhere?! Hah but other than tht great one guys! :)
  23. " You want a meal?" " Don't be frottin? son no seeds on the bun" XD
  24. I got a crazing for a 2 like my show