McDonalds Drive Thru Rap

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Yep. Just watch. Special thanks to the guys who originally wrote this rap. It wasn't us.

  1. Just order your food like a normal fucking person,you're wasting time rapping and trying to get famous on youtube,just order your food and keep it moving for cars waiting behind you.If I was working at a drive thru at a fast food restaurant and if some dickhead rapped there order,I would tell you please gtfo,don't no one have time for that stupid fucking bullshit.
  2. Kary wilson dont get yo white ass beat yo lil ass prob only sixteen
  3. Not trying to be mean or anything but you need to come up with your own raps instead of using someone Else's, you basically got 13m+ views just for doing the same exact rap someone else did 
  4. LMAO... This is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!
  5. XD me and my brother planned to do this
  6. i need a double cheese burger and hold that lettus dont be dumb son no seeds on the bun we be up in this drive through order for two i got a craving for a number not like my shoe need some chicken up in her in this dizzle for rizzle my nizzle extra salt on the frizzle doctor pepper my brother another for your mother double double super size and don't for get the fries (NAILED IT!)
  7. Hahaha lol you guys are funny
  8. you'll white boys nooooo sorry
  9. Should've been McDonalds Drive Thru *Wrap*
  10. I think I got down what they wanted! :D 1 Double Cheese Burger Hold the lettuce No seeds on Bun 1 #9 1 McChicken Add Salt 1 Lg. Dr. Pepper 1 Double Cheeseburger Super-Size 1 Lg. Fries
  11. I LOVE YOU!!!!
  12. nmc utyas mnnc das nmc yi ug
  13. Precious is... hot
  14. They want a double cheeseburger with extra spit.
  15. sooooo funny
  16. This is really funny
  17. That was funny 
  18. OMG LOL don't listen to that dude keep on rapping your orders :D
  19. it was funny the first time. You kinda killed it after that..
  20. ok it got annoying afterwards 
  21. I memorized this.............. I need a double cheese burger and hold off the lettuce Don't be fun son no seeds on tha bun We be up in this drive through order for two Gotta craven for a number nine like my shoe Need some chicken up in here, in this dizzle Frizzle my nizzle extra salt on tha frizzle Dr. Pepper my brotha, anotha for ya motha Double Double super size and don't forget tha fries....... ***Re-read untill u memorize*** Luv, Amy<3 ;-)
  22. The dude in the blue sucks at the rap
  23. lol
  24. That is funny