McDonalds Drive Thru Rap

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Yep. Just watch. Special thanks to the guys who originally wrote this rap. It wasn't us.

  1. It was freddy and sam from icarly 
  2. correct lyrics?
  3. I'd LMaO if the drive-thru employee responded with a rap. That would be epic!
  4. evan more of a wow
  5. Lisen
  6. ... Copied... Any1 read the desc?
  7. wow
  8. I LOVE YOU!!!!
  9. Dude just write in comments saying that song
  10. I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce and some are we meeting up with this drive thru order for two of those women like my shoes really don't want to hear another for your mother double double the solid don't forget the frog
  11. Fuckin add
  12. Oxford Mississippi I used to live close to there
  13. hahahahahahahhhahahahahahahah
  14. theeey ugly !!!! andd laaamee !!!!! -myaaa .
  15. LOL! I love this rap.
  16. lol that is soooo funny 
  17. omfg thats so hillarious
  18. they stupid 
  19. soo funny
  20. this is the worst case of music/video stealing I have ever seen
  21. i know the whole thing
  22. extra salt on my frizzle
  23. lol I sing thisat school
  24. I don't like the fact that you copied the lyrics of some other video but i still like your version way better! Good job👍