me to you backstage in mexico

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i shot this on my phone tonight backstage in Mexico City before the show tonight. Put on a free show and 300,000 people showed up. Alot of emotions but just wanted to say I wouldnt be here without all of your support. Wanted you to know how I feel. Thanks for everything I hope you chase every dream as you are helping me live mine every day. thank you. BELIEVE -Justin

  2. Fuck you Justin
  3. Majority of you Who are hating on him Literally took time outta shit you coulda Been doing to look up Justin Bieber or to click on a video from his channel. Since when is it "gay" to say "I love you" to people Who support you? It must be "gay" to love your family too then huh? Since when is it "gay" to let others know you support them. Y'all hate on him when he does stupid shit and say he Should get his shit together but when he DOES do something good you guys still hate on him. Fucking chill
  5. C'mon no guys in da comments at least give him credit he is a good singer 
  6. I just can't stop loving you even if it hurts some times.... I love you baby, forever xx
  7. I love you sooooo much
  8. Sooooo sweet, I love you jb from one 70 yr old
  9. Justin I love you ;)
  11. omg my vagina is soooo wet
  12. Tamiah love you justin bieber you so hot and sexy
  13. Justin, you are my idol. I'm Your Belieber. And this is never change. 
  14. So cute❤️ I always support you thanks for the love Justin ily! 
  15. an inspiration to a lot of people in this world, you helped save people lives, you songs mean so much more than just lyrics infront of instruments. You are no piontless star, you are here for a reason. You are amazing, and to think of where you were but to where you are now, is astonishing. Your Never Say Never and Believe movie, made me cry with such joy and it made me relise that it wasn't an easy ride for you. Yes you have done a couple silly things lately, but, I'd does not get in the way of the good thinks like, what you di for charity, pencils of promise, your fans, you help all of us through dailly annoyances. You are so strong, you get haters on a regular basis but you choose to ignoresome of them are inexcusable, but you excuse them, you even have haters that follow you. I will admit I have not been a belieber from day one, but I know you welcome anyone, love you justin bieber, and carry on x
  16. It makes me so mad, cuz he's not the same anymore. I used to love him so much. But everyone change. I am sorry Biebs!
  17. We love u so much Justin 
  18. OMG this made me cry i love u so much justin and would die without you, thank you for being a huge part of my life 
  19. I love you so much 
  20. Omg i love you and i will stay forever with you and i'm crying you are a present from god for this world and your beliebers and fans will hear your voice until we are dead ♡♡♡♡ 
  21. Gay gay gay gay gay
  22. im still here justin
  23. I think I know why he feels weird. I is because of the air pollution in Mexico City. The pollution is horrible the most polluted city I have been to. The air smells like garbage. These gases and faecal particles affected his lungs and blood. Plus the city is at high altitude so less oxygen. This might give him less energy and make him feel weird.
  24. We will always love you ♡♡♡
  25. Video mas perfecto no exite
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