One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful" by Megan and Liz

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Our New Single, "Release You" is Available Now on iTunes Megan and Liz performing What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction © 2013 Collective Sounds. ----------------------------------------­---------- Megan and Liz Online Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Tumblr: Newsletter: Beauty Channel:

  1. If you like Megan and Liz, you should check out some of my original songs! I sound a lot like their new country vibe! I would appreciate it so much & I hope you like my music! :) They're also on iTunes! Thank you. xoxo
  2. You two are great....
  3. love this cover
  4. What's the blondie's Name??
  5. Omg my 2 fav bands 1d and megan and Liz I'm dieing
  6. Omg this was exactly 2 years ago
  7. can i have ur legs 
  8. love this cover <3
  9. Why doesn't liz have her own channel? ? Like Megan does?
  10. U re much better than 1D 
  11. I seriously love the room!!!!
  12. How cuuuteeeee. :3 ♥
  13. I love you
  14. they ass and vagina looks so good!
  15. better than 1d totally ><3
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  17. great video
  18. These Girls are amazing! Watching their videos like I just did will convince you too. Wow....
  19. Are you sisters? Cause you look like me and my sister =)
  20. They did it in editing its not hard to do.
  21. Those black pants <3 
  23. you have beautiful hi heels
  24. Cool!!!!!
  25. You guys are way better then 1D