One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful" by Megan and Liz

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  1. I miss these videos so much :(
  2. liz you are so pretty!!!!!!!
  3. I miss these videos. 
  5. tb to the first M&L video i watched <3
  6. What girls 
  7. Whoever directed, produced, filmed and edited it needs to find another line of work. Because even though the girls are far from perfect they are holding the girls back.
  8. You sing awsome
  9. I miss these videos. The ones that you posted constantly. You guys sound amazing in these. 
  10. Better than the original.
  11. Im here bc of Ariana 
  12. You two are great....
  13. She's pulling her shorts...
  14. Wow your voices r magnificently beautiful :)
  15. I like this one better then the original :)
  16. This is the cover that got me hooked on 1D and I couldn't be any happier, so thank you Megan and Liz.
  17. new subscriber here :) . .just nwondering . . .are there twins ?? or siblings ? maybe friends ???
  18. Still prefer this version to the original. It's flawless! :)
  19. If you like Megan and Liz, you should check out some of my original songs! I sound a lot like their new country vibe! I would appreciate it so much & I hope you like my music! :) They're also on iTunes! Thank you. xoxo
  20. ♥♥ I love Megan and Liz. They are so beautiful.♥♥
  21. I hate Liz
  22. Beautiful, just...BEAUTIFUL
  23. love this cover
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