Michael Buble - This Love (Maroon5 Cover)

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Live At Wiltern Theatre

  1. Muy bueno
  2. Me encanta.
  3. Great voice
  4. It is a great form to end a song! XD He is SO ADORABLE! <3
  5. haha nossa, sem palavras para MB :)
  6. Michael ya sobrepasó la perfección con esa canción. 
  7. +Miguel A Izquierdo 
  8. I was so high I did not recognize♪ The fire burning in her eyes♪ The chaos that controlled my mind~♪ :3
  9. Wonderful. Love him
  10. Ooh hoho I would so go gay for that guy!
  11. awwww!
  12. Wow, those high notes - 1:13 ... Damn, this guy is a freaking genius
  13. MICHAEL BUBLE, let me do my homework please. No? Ok.
  14. hahe he is so funny !! my favorite singer of all time
  15. Tell me, how can I stop loving this fucking perfect man? <3<3<3<3
  16. Hilarious, love it :)
  17. But he's not putting Adam to shame. Silly.
  18. Schilling ... Best Part :)
  19. Pretty sure the lisp was on purpose. Lol.