Michael Buble - This Love (Maroon5 Cover)

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Live At Wiltern Theatre

  1. He's HOT..realy!!I love it!
  2. It is a great form to end a song! XD He is SO ADORABLE! <3
  3. Страхотен е :) 
  4. Buena cancion 😃
  5. Ele nasceu com o dom de cantar bem, tudo! Manda muito!!!!!!
  6. Such a good moment at 1:27...loved it..
  7. I love it
  8. +Miguel A Izquierdo 
  9. Me encanta.
  10. lkhhf bduyt
  11. I was so high I did not recognize♪ The fire burning in her eyes♪ The chaos that controlled my mind~♪ :3
  12. haha nossa, sem palavras para MB :)
  13. MICHAEL BUBLE, let me do my homework please. No? Ok.
  14. hahe he is so funny !! my favorite singer of all time
  15. Tell me, how can I stop loving this fucking perfect man? <3<3<3<3
  16. Hilarious, love it :)
  17. But he's not putting Adam to shame. Silly.
  18. Schilling ... Best Part :)
  19. Pretty sure the lisp was on purpose. Lol.
  20. who is that sax player? anybody tell me?
  21. hahaha cute ^-^
  22. To a woman.
  23. LOL!!! He HAD to choose the guy who was drinking water! Xp
  24. i just wish he make the audio version with this free style part also include his sacxophone friend .... damm he soo good