Michael Jackson singing Hindi song Ek Pal Ka Jeena & Kaho Na Peyar Hai Twitter @ssjd02

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Michael Jackson singing hindi song. Michael will be in our hearts forever. This is a video that is compiled to pay my tribute to Michael Jackson. I do not own the original source of the Audio. No copyright infringement intended. Fair use doctrine applies.

  1. Mr Pramod choudhari , mind your own language . I dont like being commented by an illiterate like you.Its better you should mind your own business , and stop interrupting in other s opinion. 
  2. sorry I don't speak Hindi No comprende
  3. niceeee
  4. Michael Jackson in Babul Supriyo's Voice. ENJOY!!!!!!!
  5. looking like he is really singing ek pal ka jina
  6. pure bakwas..........
  7. nice compilation
  8. hey cooool man super editing..................its not compairing coz hrithik dont compairable with god...but awsme wrk in editing
  9. fit edit
  10. MIndblowing job manh LOVED YOUR WORK
  11. awesum dubbing
  12. yeeah bro... i cant tell if hees actually singing this shit or what? saaalid:)
  13. Wow very good great video! It's looks like that Michael sings this in real xD. Hahah, Michael will live in our hearts for ever! R.I.P. Michael. Justice 4 ever!!!
  14. missssss you mi jeckson
  15. i love this very much
  16. @Xmadhavi Nee, ik maakte de video.
  17. Superb editing....must be professional editor!!
  19. Lucky Ali is singing the song!
  20. OMG....you are a rockstar!!...such brilliant work!...real hard work and it shows!...kudos to you
  21. amazing editing............
  22. its a hindi song lip synced to MJ's dancing. Its not sung by MJ
  23. first when i saw the title i was like k itz another shit created by some random fan ..... untill 15 seconds i thought i was right.... bt after 20 seconds i realsed that the lipsing was just perfect.... and after that i realsied this is good shit..... hats off to the editor .... bro u deserve more than it...keep it up gangsta... :)
  24. holyyyy crap that's amazing, how did u do that??? u should do this more often
  25. its edited ..gud job