Minecraft: Increased Height Limit, Lamps, and Frisky Testificates (Intro to Snapshot 12w07b)

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  1. o my gosh nobody has even posted a new comment in 6 months on this video
  2. the more valuable items are: potatoes, carrots and iron ingots, as well as the item they hold (iron spade, rotten flesh etc.) and their armour which is naturally either gold or leather, and it can be enchanted.
  3. vanilla
  4. GANGBANG ;)
  5. hahhahah funniest part: "Uh-uh! Don't you be sending hearts my way! *looks around and sees two other testifacites doing the same thing* Uh...."
  6. lol 4:50!!!!!!!! XD
  7. Pedo villager
  8. i was in my house that i 'borowed' from a village, when all of a sudden, the family in there starts doin each other! then the zombies bust the door down n its just one big clusterfuck!
  9. lol 4some
  10. 4:03 the pig wants to reproduce too. He's looking for the party
  11. i've never seen villagers reproducing (thank god!)
  12. 0:00 minecraft porno!!!!
  13. 4:40 You gonna get raped son.
  14. Free viruses for everyone, YAY!
  15. *villager
  16. 1:03 that dude is watching them!
  17. omg funny can u help me sparklez beacuse it keep saying enviorment 1.5.0
  18. and then 5:01 we are doing this because we love you
  19. one time it did it on 1.2.5. as a glitch
  20. at 1:02 i was ROFLing as hell, i was like " ohh, i see what u did there" xD
  21. LOL the first testificate cheated on the cook testificate XD
  22. hE Cant Even Talk
  23. How about no and RUN!! SPARKLEZ RUN!!!
  24. 6:43 YOU LEFT THE CHILD TO DIE ALONG WITH GHE WIFE! (flashback to fallen kingdom)
  25. lllllooooooooooooolllllllllll