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John Whitehead in Big Brown with the GIANT tractor tires goes 4th, then the red Chevy follows, going last at the Bounty Hole on 12/31/10 at Red River Mud Bog near Texarkana, Arkansas. Be sure to check us out on Facebook at Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors for all the latest updates! #20 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #41 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Canada #79 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #48 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #13 - Top Rated (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #61 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Autos & Vehicles

  1. Ummm person in the first truck has a fucked up arm did nobody else notice?
  2. First guy, in brown truck can't drive for shit.. All that throttle goosing. Dumbass...
  3. Hmm. Ive heard that the majority of US citizens are severely retarded. Now I think I might believe that.
  4. All that power all that money, for what! To be pulled out by a tractor. Have a nice day
  5. ياهو اندق خشمه بدرقسون :) 
  6. Just in CASE !
  7. Smash that linkage w/ a hammer b4 u smoke that tranny. Jeez
  9. The first driver sucks!
  10. people with more money than brains
  11. today fells like a mudding day hit it up if you agree
  12. Would love to see some of those Yankee smart cars even come 5 feet from that
  13. Thats right, rev as much as you can and dig an even bigger hole to sink into..
  14. Yep! Humans are plain retarded!
  15. twow
  16. I thought the cat was gonna get stuck! Man I wished I had a 4-wheeler cause I would definitely get myself stuck. Everybody knows country girls do it better!!!!😝
  17. słabooo 
  18. Should have got a honda ;D
  19. City slickers hate on the south bcz they can't enjoy doing this..lolol fuckin queers stfu
  20. Hey i noticed the first truck had a guy out the passenger window with half arms.. Is he a vet??? if so and you know him PLEASE tell him i said thanks for risking his life and limbs for us and we wouldnt be able to hold events like this without ALL OF OUR VETS!!!!!
  21. I swear you fucken rednecks are stupid as fuck your stuck already why keep going to get more stuck haha
  22. CMon Man need More Hp!!! Go Turbo Desiel
  23. Gay