My Medicine - The Pretty Reckless music video

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Medicine by The Pretty Reckless i created the video based around the representation of celebrity insanity. directed, produced and edited by Sabrina Hutchison

  1. repeat of Garbage. Sadly she just sounds like a repeat of CL. ok voice.
  2. wow. i actually like this. i usually hate all that try hard shit. but fick, girl, your great. x
  3. She said "Theres a tiger in the room anda baby in the closet". Is this song about The Hangover?
  4. @2:43 she has some freaky long legs
  5. Aaahhh….assumptions….based on one comment on one video. Half my music collection has never heard of a top 40 list. Mr. Bundle Fishbone Bad Brains Pennywise Firehose Black Happy Doesn’t even scratch the surface on my music collecton
  6. Love this!!!!!! Can we be friends? ^.^
  7. @BigKinMT thats what your worried about haha jk i know that is bad for you my mom does so it sucks
  8. Please come to New Zealand!
  9. Wow. This was amusingly well done. Kudos! And it definitely deserves more than 12 likes and 7 comments...
  10. good work girl:)
  11. This is actually a pretty good music video. Real cool. Wow. I must say, you're lips weren't in sync all the time, but that not too serious. Really good music video though.
  12. @JLCrazy25 Nothing
  13. LOVE IT
  14. Well done, the video is excellent (obv the song is too, but I figure that you are more interested in our views of your work?)
  15. You should show some of this stuff to a producer or something of some sort and they might end up wanting you as an actress or video maker. Your work is amazing
  16. damn.. this girl has got one hell of a voice... I see that most people here has got some kind of prejudice against her 'cause of some show on tv.. I never heard about her,,,, and she's... yeah.. damn
  17. That was a really fantastic job! I don't even know youand I'm proud <3 Brilliant.
  18. sometimes i was like: you look really awkward but other times you had me convinced
  19. Well someone's quite talented... <3 Good job love. Great song too.
  20. the music is awesome, but the video is bad!!!...( and she doesn't know how to smoke...-.-)
  21. this is for my love or my man of my life this is the song for you my love you...............
  22. @DirtyBananalw as was i! lol. im totally in love with this now too. i actually decided to give her music a listening too before i started judging her. (:
  23. If you weren't so attractive then people would be saying that this video wasn't that good. :P
  24. @MomsessedPoppy Yikes. Really?
  25. hey, that's a lot of dislikes... not fair!