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Music video by Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley performing Patience. (C) 2010 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  1. Damian Marley / Patience !! Bonne soirée à Tous !!
  2. Wake up black man! They lied to us and told us Liz Taylor was queen of Egypt they gave us white Jesus but it's all a lie Moses was black Jesus was black we need to get back to our true self!
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  4. This song has a lot of wisdom and also some ignorance but the overall message is good and to seek truth beyond what is just taught to you or accepted. 
  5. need more conscious music like this
  6. Who sings the sabail sabail part . 
  7. what is Savali, savali unta?
  8. Завали, заваали, завали ебальнииик!
  9. Somebody somebody somebody coming. To get us. It sounds like it if you listen closer
  10. Patience:
  11. 3,099 dislikes? all 3,099 should be lined up and shot! this song is the bomb full of wisdom. listen and learn mofo's
  12. Завали Завали Завали ебальник.
  13. Damn marley just broke through the matrix with them versus specially the 1st one . I think this should put Him waaayy ahead of His Father as a song writer . Just a crazy song of 2 dudes knowing something is just wrong ! 
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  15. Pay no Mind to the youths coz it is not like the future depend on it But save the animals in the zoo Cause the chimpanzee dem a make big money
  16. This song came on randomly and I knew all the fucking lyrics. After all these years. Powerful shit.
  17. Judah and Levi
  18. Patience Is A Virtue.. Remember Love Always..! If You Want To Live Forever! Love In Your Heart Will Give Everlasting Life! Trust! Jaah Love!
  19. Кто от "сундука" (сыендука)?:D
  20. Open your mind!!! #realmusic
  21. This video is trippy when stoned.
  22. So much wisdom in this one song, easily my favourite video the visuals are powerful
  23. Cool song. But the lyrics are just stupid. Pseudo philosophical bullshit, to be used by uneducated masses against the intellectuals 
  24. mari discc <3
  25. real music worldwide! peace!!!!!!!! ONE