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Music video by Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley performing Patience. (C) 2010 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  1. what is Savali, savali unta?
  2. Wake up black man! They lied to us and told us Liz Taylor was queen of Egypt they gave us white Jesus but it's all a lie Moses was black Jesus was black we need to get back to our true self!
  3. Завали, заваали, завали ебальнииик!
  4. Somebody somebody somebody coming. To get us. It sounds like it if you listen closer
  5. Patience:
  6. 3,099 dislikes? all 3,099 should be lined up and shot! this song is the bomb full of wisdom. listen and learn mofo's
  7. Завали Завали Завали ебальник.
  8. So much wisdom in this one song, easily my favourite video the visuals are powerful
  9. Cool song. But the lyrics are just stupid. Pseudo philosophical bullshit, to be used by uneducated masses against the intellectuals 
  10. В припевах поёт мужик?
  11. Read muslims holy book quran and i promise you , you'll know what he is talking about.. just give it a try and yiu won't lose anything of you didn't gain a lifetime 
  12. I want a pet lion
  13. Завали завали завали завали *бальнииик!
  14. Leo your wrong becouse. Deuteronomych28 verse68. Is the prophecy of the slave trade prophcy only isreal would. Suffer. Revaluation 2 and9 I speaks of fakes Jews in the end times the most high is real wake up Judah so called Africa. Americans your Judah same tribe as christ why do you think the world. Mimics you in everything. Special. Rich spirit the clothing style the world was created for you your suffering. The curses of the Torah
  15. marley i am legend:):)
  16. Great video, the world needs far more patience and tolerance in the hope that it will lead to greater understanding! There's been too many wars and far too many deaths. I too have held dead bodies in my arms-some were good friends. I've made some dead bodies too, and nothing changed-it just stays the same...So what if we have different beliefs, different customs, different ways, different colors, must we always have to cross swords? My sword now sheathed, hangs on my wall; On the floor beneath, one lilly grows tall.
  17. this song is trippy man im high af and this is trippy
  18. A great jam to listen to while being lifted... who agrees? xD!
  19. patos hptass faranduleros bob marley debe estar revolcándose en su tumba 
  20. Egyptian mummies nas and damian marley
  21. Anti-illuminate 
  22. Кто русский сталь Лайк в клиентах
  23. ANYBODY KNOWS Whats the name of the image he is referring to?, ON 0:53
  24. Omg black people stop listening to everything someone else told you. Pay attention to the lyrics they are educating you on OUR REAL History. Damn stop playing follow the bat and do your own research. This song is deeper than you will ever know. And just bc you dnt understand it doesn't mean that it's the devil smh. Do your own research and illuminati is not it. Close ya mouth and listen to what he being said.
  25. Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, yonkontê Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, kiye ni kêra môgô "Patience, Patience, Patience, it's what the world is about. Patience, Patience, Patience, let's all join souls".
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