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Music video by Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley performing Patience. (C) 2010 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  1. I love the feeling they try to convey to the ones listening and what they try to portray Damian Marley and Nas make a great duo 
  2. 0:15 Завали завали завали еб*льник
  3. get tricked by the beast But a where dem ago flee when the monster is fully grown.. those are some scary lyrics
  4. Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube : Nas Damian Marley!💫!
  5. song is wonderful but why a video like this? :(
  6. Classic.
  7. Some of the smartest dummies Can't read the language of Egyptian Mummies An' a fly go a Moon And can't find food for the starving tummies Pay no mind to the Youths Cause it's not like the future depends on it But save the Animals in the Zoo Cause the Chimpanzee dem a make big money This is how the media pillages On the TV the picture is Savages in villages And the scientist still can't explain the pyramids (huh) Evangelists making a living on the videos of ribs of the little kids Stereotyping the image of the images And this is what the image is... You buy a khaki pants And all of a sudden you say a Indiana Jones An' a thief out gold and thief out the scrolls and even the buried bones Some of the worst paparazzis I've ever seen and I ever known Put the worst on display so the world can see And that's all they will ever show So the ones in the West Will never move east And feel like they could be at home Dem get tricked by the beast But a where dem ago flee when the monster is fully-grown? Solomonic linage whe dem still can't defeat and them coulda never clone My spiritual DNA that print in my sould and I will forever OWN (Lord).
  8. +theblackauth0rity I wonder what TBA thinks of this track and this video. Powerful message, but I feel like there is so much more thats being said through the video but most of us can't really put our minds around it.
  9. When you show people the TRUTH, you dont know how they gon react.. 
  10. Une zik que je kiff (aussi) 
  11. God had chosen people to write the bible. He poured his holy spirit on them. It wouldn't make since for god himself or his angles to write it because their perfect beings. We wouldn't understand it. So he poured his holy spirit on imperfect earthly humans to write it so we would be able to understand it. Don't discredit God's word. It changes lives for the best, it's a history book, and it's full of prophecies.
  12. Wake up black man! They lied to us and told us Liz Taylor was queen of Egypt they gave us white Jesus but it's all a lie Moses was black Jesus was black we need to get back to our true self!
  13. Patience:
  14. Patience:
  15. real friends dont change
  16. Patience :
  17. Nas & Damian Marley Patience:
  18. #foodforthought #reggae 
  19. Check out this video on YouTube:داميان مارلي
  20. Patience:
  21. All I have to say is 'got that ish on replay'
  22. This is some heavy iluminatti work Damn! 0:18 full of symbolism saying shit about the bible God bless you all
  23. This song has a lot of wisdom and also some ignorance but the overall message is good and to seek truth beyond what is just taught to you or accepted. 
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