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Music video by Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley performing Patience. (C) 2010 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  1. 0:15 Завали завали завали еб*льник
  2. This song has a lot of wisdom and also some ignorance but the overall message is good and to seek truth beyond what is just taught to you or accepted. 
  3. I love the feeling they try to convey to the ones listening and what they try to portray Damian Marley and Nas make a great duo 
  4. "who wrote the bible? who wrote the quran?" probably some random stoned guy.
  5. Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube : Nas Damian Marley!💫!
  6. get tricked by the beast But a where dem ago flee when the monster is fully grown.. those are some scary lyrics
  7. Ive been listening to this song since 3 years and i cant stop listening to it, best song ever madeee 
  8. Wake up black man! They lied to us and told us Liz Taylor was queen of Egypt they gave us white Jesus but it's all a lie Moses was black Jesus was black we need to get back to our true self!
  9. CONHECIMENTO é diferente de SABEDORIA. O conhecimento se adquire, a Sabedoria é um dom de Deus, que é dado pelo Espírito Santo e cheio de amor. Uma das bênçãos que o Espírito Santo quer nos dar é sua sabedoria, porque se não perdemos tudo, até a presença dele em nós. Você crê que Deus pode te dar Sabedoria?
  10. Ppl walking around with their eyes wide shut
  11. Check out this video on YouTube:داميان مارلي
  12. need more conscious music like this
  13. song is wonderful but why a video like this? :(
  14. Patience: What people need
  15. Nas & Damian Marley Patience:
  16. Honestly I accept that I don't know a lot of stuff but I don't believe in the big bang. And also that we evolved from chimps. Scientist come up with so many reasons as to why they can continue living without god. How did the big bang trigger everything without anything to trigger the big bang? I believe in evolution when it comes to the fact that we come from Africans and dogs come from wolves. That's the only evolution I believe in. We weren't chimps. Well at least I wasn't.
  17. Cool song. But the lyrics are just stupid. Pseudo philosophical bullshit, to be used by uneducated masses against the intellectuals 
  18. Y de momento un msn en español desde colombia 
  19. You have to be extremely conscious to understand Damian Marley's verses fully. He's basically saying that out ancestors were smarter than us ( something a lot of people don't know ) they're pineal gland was bigger and they were more connected to the universe. What humans don't know is that we were actually born in a state of knowledge because our DNA is encoded. Even the water and milk we drink has information in it. Then we got dumbed down by this false reality we are living in. Ask yourself this Is this really what life is ? To get an "education, work all day so you don't enjoy the Utopia that you were blessed with, pay for land and food that you have the right to, and conform to a controlling religion which teaches you to not rebll against oppression but suck it up . religion is social control. Namaste.
  20. Dis video dey was trying to explains de revelation de end of de world to us in dis video
  21. beautiful clip sweet song
  22. All of society needs to here this 
  23. I would like to see someone heal broken bones with wet mud....
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