No one else comes close - Joe

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CORRECTION** this song "WAS" dedicated...

  1. Disney Font
  2. Ganda,
  3. ♥️♥️♥️
  4. no doubt
  5. Lol lots of love
  6. LSS xD
  7. (y)
  8. no one else will ever take your place... <3 
  9. my wifey loves this song especially when me and my singing group sing it
  10. hm! hm! hm! hm hmhmhm
  11. all time jam!!!
  12. I still like Backstreet boys version better
  13. nice
  14. you're so special to me and its always be enternally... i love u hubby...
  15. noone comes close but everyone thtas does come... comes close enough for the needful. yes? 
  16. This song really wonderful. I love it!
  17. One of my Favorite Song ever!
  18. I used to have this album but its broke. I may have to get another one. Joe can really sing and that album was good.
  19. My favorite sound 
  20. I love it
  21. for my Boo .. i miss you so much
  22. if i have not mistaken,, the font that you use is a ,,,, DISNEY font ^^,
  23. This is dedicated to my Love.. I love you sooo much and you are the only one for me <3.
  24. to my you
  25. You have done well Joe