No one else comes close - Joe

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CORRECTION** this song "WAS" dedicated...

  1. 💔 💔 💔
  2. don't hate but i personally think BSB sang it better more harmony :S but great song for him to have written 
  3. No one else comes close - Joe
  4. This song still brings a tear to my eye
  5. No one else comes close - Joe
  6. a message???? YES! NUFF SAID!!!!
  7. Nakz
  8. Hhhhh
  9. nice faggy disney fonts lol.
  10. No one else comes close - Joe:
  11. you know what directly speaking... I hate people who is always examining my every actions... I wanted at least a little privacy...! stop playing my life..!
  12. Baby you are my world my everything. I love you Ana Ines Santiago (Future Mrs. Fernandez)
  13. Sooooo good! <3
  14. This is our theme song with my lovely boyfriend ♥
  15. No One Comes Close Joe
  16. <3 <3 <3
  17. Ilov u ram.....
  18. Every normal guy in this world just want a girl that can make him feel like this song.
  19. Very beautiful song
  20. nice song! so sweet!
  21. i love to hear this song,.,so special?