No one else comes close - Joe

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CORRECTION** this song "WAS" dedicated...

  1. Disney Font
  2. Honey no one will replace you in my heart and in m life , only you that you made me feel I am a happiest woman in whole the world . No one make me smile and make me forget all my troubles , my sadness , and no one support me as you did in whole my deeds and specially when my mum died . No one support me after your death , no one made me bear my sadness and Calamity losing you by your death . Honey , only you in my life and in my heart forever .
  3. a message???? YES! NUFF SAID!!!!
  4. No One Else Comes Close - - G6
  5. No One Comes Close Joe
  6. maka inlove ani nga music ngeeeee
  7. dayum~
  8. One of my favorite songs.
  9. Love you.. +khairul zamri 
  10. LSS xD
  11. My baby has left me i know i have make mistakes in my life but i am willing to change if only you give me another chance i know i will make it up to you Mahal Na Mahal kita Eisa 
  12. omg my man i love him so much 
  13. haven't heard this song in so long but still know it word for word... great music never gets old
  14. No one else comes close to you No one makes me feel the way you do You're so special girl, to me And you'll always be, eternally Everytime I hold you near
  15. ~ No One Else Come Close ~
  16. my wifey loves this song especially when me and my singing group sing it
  17. OMG this song can remember my passed..........
  18. just one listen to this song and i'm already in love with it <3
  19. hm! hm! hm! hm hmhmhm
  20. Lol lots of love
  21. all time jam!!!