No one else comes close - Joe

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CORRECTION** this song "WAS" dedicated...

  1. No one else comes close - Joe:
  2. No one else comes close - Joe
  3. this song has remind me something about my very special love 
  4. "NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE TO YOU" <3 <3 <3 #torpe #MAY FOREVER!!!!
  5. his song takes me back to my love and joy whom id love foreva,
  6. They just don't make music like this anymore :(
  7. I love dis song one of my favorite..because i remember when me and my beibie have a problem i always listen dis song..
  8. very nice song <3 <3
  9. My honey Harold Williams this song is for us..I LOVE U WITH ALL MY HEART U KNOW THAT..TAKE CARE ALWAYS..
  10. 💔 💔 💔
  11. No one else comes close - Joe: Every time I hold you near, you always say the words I want, to hear. ♥♥♥
  12. I would love if someone could dedicate this song too.
  14. No one else comes close - Joe:
  15. you know what directly speaking... I hate people who is always examining my every actions... I wanted at least a little privacy...! stop playing my life..!
  16. Way better than BSB.
  17. I love this song so much
  18. No one else comes close 
  19. Check out this video on YouTube: No one else comes close to you.
  20. love it..reminds me of my bae"
  21. No one else comes close :)
  22. This song still brings a tear to my eye
  23. This is a beautiful song, and it reflects painful memories that some of us hold. A bunch of what if's fill our heads and fills us with regret, doubt, and unbelievable loneliness. What if I'd done this? What if I'd done that? As someone who's gone through this pain and fear, and I hate the what if's phase. It doesn't do anything but make me hurt more. Let the tears flow, and cry it all out. Then wash your face, lift your chin, and arise from the pain as a new person. Pain is but an aching mistake
  24. this my team song my love girl hehhe ^_^