No one else comes close - Joe

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CORRECTION** this song "WAS" dedicated...

  1. No one else comes close - Joe:
  2. Check out this video on YouTube: No one else comes close to you.
  3. I prefer Backstreet Boys version
  4. favorate song ko yan ..<3
  5. Who are the 455 ppl that dislike this song.... ya dum and don't kno good music
  6. High School memories.... OMG
  7. this song has remind me something about my very special love 
  8. this song wow that's all I can say.
  9. NapaKagandang Kanta talaga :) para Sa ASAWAK SYLVIEMAE<3:*:*:*:*:):)
  10. No one else comeclose to you ,no one makes me feel the way you do.,i miss you my friend but you forget me already.,:(
  11. i love this song, i dedicate this song to my forever love...
  12. My honey Harold Williams this song is for us..I LOVE U WITH ALL MY HEART U KNOW THAT..TAKE CARE ALWAYS..
  13. I love this song so much
  15. No one else comes close 
  16. Can't get this song out of my head :)
  17. Current mood ❤❤
  19. Mas magaling kumanta yung mga pinoy dyan .. I love that song
  20. "The best feeling in the world is realizing that you're perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed." #GoodEvening 
  21. tnx telle <3 
  22. So sweet .. woOooo... nice song .
  23. this song is d-dicated 2 Mr.Jayson Gomez...thankz 4 being part of my life and thank you sa mga mgandang alaala.
  24. grabe ang ganda ng kanta na 2 super
  25. great song big boy ......................u are the best